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Cancel Ontario’s Renewables


Finally there seems to be another voice other than the courts ( who leave a lot to be desired) taking this corrupt provincial government to task for their absolute distain for the people of this province. In ten years we have gone from a have to a have not province. The present and previous Premiers should both be jailed for their crimes against the people. Where has the 38 Billion dollars gone of our hard earned investment in our country. What a horrible legacy we are passing on to our grandchildren.  And still like Lemmings we follow the media drivel into electing these thieves again and again. Oh for a Sir William MacKenzie who once owned “EDCO” Electric Development Company, stolen from him in the early 1920’s by his arch rival Sir Adam Beck. Government then as now was never able to compete with private enterprise.  However, Ontario Hydro for the past 8o years I have enjoyed it has been well run and envied by many all over the world.

What happened?

I am attaching a blog that I wrote a few months ago called “Ontario’s Electric Woes”  My web site is

I wish you every good luck in your fight against this formable foe.



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