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Will Canada ever reach her true potential?

May 6th/22


We are witnessing the demise of a great country to our south in an overnight implosion of a society that for the past 100 years has been the envy of the world. For a brief moment in time there was a potential for the greatness to continue and then devilish powers took over and President Donald Trump was unceremoniously dethroned from the presidency of the United States. Democrats will argue that the election was won fair and square, however, any one witnessing the fiasco can prove without a doubt the left were corrupt to the core in their election antics. There is no need to say anything more than billionaire’s $, phony ballots stuffed into street corner drop off boxes and mail- in ballots were only the tip of the iceberg that saw a senile old fool receive more votes than his former boss and far more popular Barack Husain Obama. This election will go down as one of the most tragic events in the past 75 years. The ramifications are yet to be revealed.

The commonwealth has long been broken up and Europe is in shambles, many countries dependent on the whims of Vladimir Putin. Germany is re-arming and it would appear that the powers behind the throne of Pres. Joe Biden are hot for a confrontation with Russia which could escalate into WW3. The first Nuclear War and perhaps the last. China is quietly watching and weighing her odds of stepping into the void and becoming the World’s next Super Power. This has already begun with China now paying for foreign oil in their currency, the Yuan.

Where is Canada in the scheme of things of world dominance and importance?  We are hardly even on the map, even though we are the second largest land mass on earth, either second or third oil reserves and have 20% of the world’s fresh water. Our forests and our capacity for food production is enormous and we have the longest sea coast of any country. Our people are kind, courteous, resourceful and hard working. 

We also have a pathetic Prime Minister and parliament that have as much ambition and vision as a donkey. Our socialized medical system is in disarray. We have the resources but no way to get them out to a wanting world. Our country is looked upon with curious eyes wondering why we are obsessed in killing our unborn and our senior and sick population. We could not defend ourselves against a determined aggressor as our armed forces have been gutted by our government. We are dependent on the USA for our protection.  

We should be the proud people we were following the defeat of Germany and Japan. What pride we have is a false pride in a country with so much potential and so little foresight. Our government is interested in political control of the people and has put us on a horse that will never leave the barn. If we were to align ourselves with a few democratic countries such as India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and even the USA, I feel this would give us a wonderful opportunity to stand up to the left and tyranny. However, perhaps most Canadians are not ready to be free again. Our elections are the best way to assess the mood of the country.

Canadians are still under mandates that never made any sense and are now totally off the chart. The travel mandate was enacted so that only vaccinated people could travel on a commercial airline. It was enacted to stop the transmission of the virus. The whole world knows that the virus is transferred by all, vaccinated ten times or never vaccinated. However, the prime minister has not been made aware of this fact yet. Or, is it just another tactic in his toolchest to control his subjects?

The Indian Supreme Court is very similar to ours as is their Parliament. Rupa Subramanya writes in the National Post this, “India’s Supreme court has clearly circumscribed the extent to which the federal governments can impinge on individual rights in the interest of public health, it’s noteworthy that nothing comparable has occurred in Canada” she goes on to wonder why our courts have not pushed back on the mandates that are clearly unconstitutional. If our human rights are to be maintained, we must become more aware of what is going on in this land and stand up to the leaders that are changing our laws to suit their agenda.  

If we are not going to grow up and elect men and women of integrity and true moral fibre, we are destined to fall further into the ditch we have been stuck in for the past fifty years.

Paul D. Scott

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