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A World in Fear

Dec.18th 2021

When we as a free society should be happy and cheerful with the celebrations of Christmas and the Birth of Jesus Christ, we are now again in a semi lock down for a variant of Covid (omicron) that has not taken a life or hospitalized hardly anyone.  However, those that wield a great deal of influence backed by billions of dollars have lied once again that we are facing a winter full of death and destruction for the whole human race. This is a reality but the lie is that it will be the fault of the unvaxed, the lie is that until every soul on earth is vaccinated, we will not be safe from covid. The truth is when the deaths start to pile up in Late December, January and February, it will be the vaccinated because their natural immune system has been so compromised that even a common cold such as Omicron could cause death.  The story line is GET VACCINATED; it matters not that it is proven that the best results from being jabbed gives you a small window of protection of about 30% to not getting the jab.  The odds are that the jab will do you more harm than catching omicron. Some have stated that omicron is a white virus that could give all who get it better immunity than any vaccine. And what about alternate treatment?  It is never mentioned by political hacks, the media and of course the big pharma billionaires that because our bodies have used up pretty much all our vitamin D with the lack of sunshine in the winter months, we should be dosing with vitamins and supplements. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are cheap and used around the world over a billion times and are very effective in eradicating covid safely. Many stories have been taken to prove their worth but when studies were done by Pharma backed organizations such as WHO & FDA, they were skewed so as to get negative results. Try to get a doctor or a pharmacy to help you out and provide you with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, they would be jeopardizing their license if found out by the health gestapo. Prior to covid, IVR and HDR were over the counter medications.  I think, but am not certain that my Doctor in Florida cured me of sepsis with one of these meds. And so, most of the population with some exceptions, those who have been dismissed from their workplace, sceptics of the medicine, and curious souls like myself that smelled a rat from the get go.  My wife has a great talent that runs in her family to listen to her inner being, that told her not to get pulled into this web of lies, control and deceit. It seems she was wisely warned.

I mentioned in my last writing that I was just starting to read Robert F. Kennedy’s 450-page book titled “The Real Anthony Fauci” It is a page turner and I have to admit that this man Fauci and his pals Collins and Bill Gated and many others are the most despicable worms to take up a human body and call themselves men. They are responsible for millions of lost lives. They will go down in history with Mau, Hitler, Stalin and Paul Potts as the worst among the worst. Evil has taken hold of our world.

The following is my short letter to the editor of the National Post that was not published. It does explain briefly the situation we are facing.

The title of the article was “Worshipping at the altar of Covid science”

Sabrina Maddeaoux has made some excellent points with regard to following the science of Covid. I would agree wholeheartedly with the concept. However, we must have all science represented to construct a basis to follow. As we are only given the choice of single opinions endorsed by the government, media, big pharma and big money, it is difficult for some who have opposing opinions to play this game. Many high-profile scientists and medical professionals have been eliminated from the discussion. When science cannot disagree through dialogue and the exchange of opposing ideas, it no longer is allowed to move forward. The results quickly become stagnant. Unfortunately, Tony Fauci's science has stalled and is no longer relevant, if it ever was. It is time to unmuzzle the professionals that have been censored so that real science can be followed. 

I am not surprised that the Post rejected my opinion as many have lost their jobs and careers and worse for stating the truths about our current situation in our country. Do not stand up against the establishment or the full weight of the power-hungry bullies will put you down. We are seeing it all around us, Christian church ministers are jailed and heavily fined for their actions of holding church services, Many Christian churches have been burned to the ground with little or no coverage. David Menzies, a reporter had his head brutally smashed against a wall by three RCMP thugs for being in a public place where our prime minister was to be. Video film will never be shown through the media of this despicable scene. Our prime minister has declared certain members of the media are banned from events for asking embarrassing questions. Like it or not, we are very close to losing our freedoms completely. It is only a matter of time when those who object to the cruel and unreasonable will be carried away and put in a camp and forced to comply. We must go back to the 1930’s when the unbelievable was the norm. Germany and it’s well educated and sophisticated people were put into a mass Psychosis state that allowed terrible things to be perpetrated against its citizens. Fear is our enemy. We must see through the idiotic decisions that are repeated over and over with the same predictable results. Why can’t our leaders look to the few success stories and take advantage of their success?  The state of Florida with a population almost the size of Canada would be a start.

It is a very sobering time in our journey as Canadian citizens to find ourselves living in a rich and prosperous country with one of the worst medical health services in the free world.  In 1993 when records were started, our wait time on the 12 core medical specialties on average for our ten provinces was 9.3 weeks, to-day, it is 2.5 times longer. Many are compelled to wait over two years for medical treatment often experiencing much pain and discomfort. Many EU countries have formed functional partnerships with the private sector to shorten wait times but not here in Canada, pure socialized medicine is our policy and to hell with the sick and suffering.


Returning briefly to Robert F. Kennedy’s latest book, I would strongly recommend everyone get and read the first 130 pages specifically on Sars and covid and how we got to be in such a terrible place and also how all this could have been avoided if Fauci were aborted.  This will give a spine-chilling documented view of our world health dilemma. The following 300 pages document Fauci and his actions with Aids and other failures along with many facts and many lies that have been perpetrated on the world. Within the first 130 pages, I have highlighted almost 100 that have significant documentation to cause many to be incarcerated for the balance of their lives.  I would be remiss if I were to not thank the hundreds who have contributed to this document and have sacrificed their scientific work and their livelihood and in some cases their lives to pull away the bandage and reveal the infected puss and decay that lies just below the surface of the world health care. All in the name of control and fortune. Human health has nothing to do with big Pharma, big media, big conglomerates and corrupt leadership. We the people are bigger and stronger and smarter, but we must recognize the problem and organize in small groups to start with and eventually clean up this mess that has been building since the Rockefeller days. Yes, John D Rockefeller started his foundation in 1913 to support his interest in controlling Health, food, power and mobility in the world. He started in health by gaining control of the Red Cross with his large donations. Followed by the Gates family (Bill Gates’s parents and grandparents), the Clintons and many other foundations, many are actual tax avoidance scams.

Thanks to all the contributors (over 150) to this book, “The Real Anthony Fauci” and thank you Mr. Kennedy for your selfless work researching this fine document and for your courage bringing Covid to the light of day.   


Paul D. Scott.    

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