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Tucker Carlson interviews Vladamir Putin Feb 6th 2024

Feb 16th 2024

When word came out that the leader of Russia had accepted an interview with the most influential news personality in the USA, I was excited and wondered why this had not happened sooner. Putin has been in power for 20 years and virtually ignored by the Western press. I wondered if our leaders were afraid to allow a former KGB member and now the leader of what we have been led to believe, is our enemy, Russia, to speak informally to the people of North America. Are we being protected from the evil enemy through censorship to protect us? or the deep state?  His reflections would be of interest to all to witness up close a man who has been in power for a long time. Let’s hear the other side of the story.  Zelensky, the president of Ukraine has had so much press by comparison, and interviewed, admired and addled over for too long a period.

I watched the interview, some parts a couple of times and found I had to side with Carlson that this man “Putin “came across as a sincere leader with many points that I agreed with.  Rather than a rant of political points, Putin gave a very detailed history of how Russia came to be, going back to the year 862, and in 1062 Russia got its statehood. In the year 892 all Russian citizens were baptized by the Orthodox Church.

Tucker is not one you can con with sweet talk, in my younger and more naïve days, I was, however, seeing the world change so fast it will take more than one speech to convince me that Putin is not speaking with a forked tongue.

 I do think the western governments need to be more tolerant of Russia’s claim to parts of the Ukraine settled by many cultures, such as Poles, Hungarians and Germans, many Germans who have not given up on Nazism. If Russia were to take back some of its historical lands, Nazi sentiments would not be tolerated. I have seen with my own eyes the terrible atrocities Russians endured under Nazi invasions in WW11. I witnessed restorations of the carnage that were still underway many generations later.  Russians are a proud Christian Orthodox people and according to Putin, he seemed to have a great deal of knowledge of his country’s history. They have been snubbed too many times by the USA, particularly the CIA and the Deep State, the UN and Great Britain. 

The interview started on a lighter note with Putin asking with a glint in his eye, is this going to be a Talk Show or a serious conversation?  Putin smiled and Tucker laughed in his unique way.

 I would like to comment on some of the press comments that I found offensive and revealed a great deal about our far-left cynical group of so-called news reporters. NBC sluffed the interview off in about 60 seconds, another reporter who shall remain nameless said the interview was sloppy and shameless. Most of the media just ignored this piece of history.  The complaint was that Putin had too much to say and was too controlling. I tuned in to hear Putin’s remarks, not the interviewer's. All politicians will tell you what you want to hear. However, we need to hear it directly and draw our own conclusions. The following lasted over two hours and Putin was in no hurry to end it.

Starting out, Putin wanted to give Tucker a little history of Russia. After all, Carlson was reminded that being a history major, he would appreciate this time spent getting a foundation for the discussion to follow. Putin spoke of his relationship with Pres. Bush and how much he respected the man despite his reputation at home. He admitted that Bush had made mistakes but he was fond of him as well as Trump. He sluffed off the mention of the sitting president. He indicated that in personal meetings with US Presidents, they would indicate that they would make changes that were never implemented and that individuals in high places were overruled by higher forces. Perhaps the (CIA). Putin brought Canada’s Parliament into focus when the Speaker of the House, Anthony Roto had to resign after calling a Ukrainian Nazi veteran to attend a special session of parliament and calling the man a hero to two standing ovations. What irony when the president of Ukraine is a Jew. Putin couldn’t understand.  This was an embarrassment to our Parliament. Putin made all the correct statements condemning war and that no country would be foolish enough to start a war. However, if attacked by another country, he would not hesitate to respond with force. He condemned other countries for providing war materials and aiding in their expansion of wars. When asked about Russia’s North Sea pipeline and who did the act of destroying #1 and damaging #2 he pointed to Tucker and said not you personally but—He went on to say that he could not think why Germany would not be using natural gas from the repaired #2 line and why Poland does not take advantage of a different line that is available.  He attacked the U.S. for being rather stupid for sanctioning so many of its trading partners and printing so much money.  Russia’s trade with the USA has been reduced from 50% to 13% and trade with China has been increased from $240 Billion to $300 Billion. Trade is done now in the Chinese Huan rather than in U.S. currency. Russia has always co-existed with China and they are trading in much higher amounts. These sanctions have helped Russia become the largest trading partner in Europe and fifth in the world to China, the U.S.A., India, Japan and Russia. Putin made the comparison between the KGB and the CIA they are not political and so he has moved on. When asked where God is in the politics of the world, Putin hesitated and then felt that God was not involved but Laws were. The interview was almost concluded when Putin wanted the world to know that Russia had signed the Istanbul Agreement that would have made peace in the Ukraine, however, Boris Johnson Prime Minister of Great Britain told Ukraine not to sign. He indicated that the Ukraine would be backed by the U.S.A. with all the funds and war material they would need until they won.

Very Interesting!


Paul D. Scott                             rantingsandraves .com

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