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USA Done! A New World Coming.



We are entering a new World.  For me, in my 87th year, it is a challenge to keep up. Computers, I pads, Cell phones were our first challenge, Oh and the remote control for the TV.  We are now entering into a space that I don’t even want to think about. Robots, computers that are smarter than man who conceived and built them, 3D reproductive manufacturing, and self-drive cars. We are spending billions on Electric cars and battery development with no defined way to create enough electricity to support the huge increased demand.   Witnessing the most interesting and exciting time in History has been literally mindboggling. To witness the powerful British Empire decimated by two world wars. Then passing the gauntlet of World leadership and police force to the United States of America.   To witness the speed of that great power in one lifetime dissolved before our very eyes. This has been astounding. Yes, like the Ottoman Empire, Greek, Roman and others, world power cannot be held by any one nation or culture forever. The Bible states that when nations lose sight of God’s laws, they will perish and be overcome by other cultures or countries. We are seeing the greatness of the United States being controlled by evil, getting worse by leftist governments that call themselves Woke and Progressive and void of the teachings of our God which made both Great Britain and the USA strong and powerful.  Both these countries are sliding into oblivion due to the depths of their own sinfulness.

No country can flourish for long that will kill its own citizens willfully through abortion and corrupt health care. God’s way is for countries to have borders and to preserve their unique culture. Lies and deceit cannot be tolerated in a Christian country and when a populous loses its way morally, that is a sign that God will step in and make some changes. Most Americans have not realized the severity of their situation.  Canadians are even more naïve.  We hear the news telling us that there are people who want to change our life style and we have been ignoring the signs. We condone abortion and now infanticide, meaning our laws will soon allow killing our own one month after birth.  In Canada there is no reason for the old to worry about enduring the trials of old age, weakness, pain and debilitating old age problems that we dislike but endure. No, we can ask for a doctor to just put us out of our misery and give us a pill and PUFF we are history. Perhaps God has a plan for us to learn patience and humility in growing old, getting old certainly teaches those skills.

 It hasn’t hit the average U S citizen yet but the writing is on the wall. Banks are failing and the U S dollar is quickly losing its position as the world’s international trading currency. The American government under the leadership of Pres. Joe Biden has been so incompetent that in the retreat out of Afghanistan they left over  20 billion dollars’ worth of War material, they also abandoned   four pallets of newly minted $100.00 bills worth millions. Millions more undocumented people from all over the world have entered the country along with deadly drugs that are killing over 300 American young people a day, and children that are being sacrificed to the slave and sex market by the Mexican cartels. The border is as porous as a sieve. The Mexican cartels have made Billions from Bidens policies. Drugs as well as criminals are pouring into America. Enough fentanyl alone has entered the USA to kill over 20 times - every citizen in North America. Biden has put the USA in reverse in the past three years and the world is watching as a great country takes a few last breaths before becoming a 2nd rate country. Over 300 million people, at least 75% never in favour of the recent political decisions, will have to face the consequences along with so many more, due to the loss of a once great country so full of compassion for its citizens and the rest of the world.  

At home here in Canada, so many of my fellow citizens are unaware how close we are to following our great neighbour to the south. We have seen little push back from our citizenry to the government’s total disregard of our constitutional rights and freedoms. King Trudeau has run roughshod over anyone or any group that is willing to stand up against his ego driven agendas. If you have questions about climate change, better keep your pie hole shut because there is no room even for discussion.  Trudeau has everything sewn up in his favour. We can have an enquiry into his ethics or bad decision making, and a panel will be formed of all his cronies and ultimately, he will be given a pass. Why would any sane authority even give a glance at such a frivolous complaint to close down a cable news company in Canada such as Fox just because it might have asked some questions about a group of homosexuals. If our CRTC would even consider this then MSNBC and CNN should be put on the short list as well.  We are seeing far too many cases of censorship and the closing and burning of Christian churches just because they hold to ethics that have long been considered too old fashioned and out of favour with our present upper establishment. Trudeau and his rather unlikable deputy PM and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland are both high ranking members in the WEF. This group of wealthy world citizens are dedicated to have all the worlds wealth and control. “The new world order” where we will own nothing and be happy. Also named “The great reset” we will all live in a Godless society depending on a one world order. We are promised that we will be happier, if that is so, I am sure the overlords that now have all our wealth will be much happier.

I am aware that my articles written for my blog over the past three years have not been very upbeat. I know that many friends and family think I am a scatter- brain.  Some refuse to talk or even be around me because I have a very different view of the possibilities our future of the world that could be if we as a society do not make drastic changes in our attitudes and life decisions. These remarks are not all from my brain, many are taken from hundreds of hours listening to opinions of many far more educated and mindful of world affairs than I.  However, my own instincts were present and nagging that something is wrong and I should read and pursue with my own research to gain more knowledge. Unfortunately, this had a reverse effect and rather than quieting my soul, it stirred me to learn more of my surrounding world and how it is functioning.  


Paul D. Scott

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