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Who Is Really In Control?

November 22nd. 2023

Many times, in the last few months, the question has been asked, “This World is going to hell in a handbasket, who is causing all this World disruption?”  Wars, weather, climate change, health, sexual misunderstanding, left against right, food shortages, and a sense of complete distrust in everything we see and hear. In past writings I have tried to answer some of the nagging questions with a name of a politician or wealthy Oligarch or recently Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have been in my sights as world devils. However, these guys are only pawns in the greater game of evil. There may be a much more sinister element that has been around for a long time but is becoming stronger as we come closer to the end times. This could be the forces of evil planted in the most powerful family on earth, the Rothschilds.

The world has been plunging downward into deeper deprivation and I am starting to understand in my old age that I should be looking back to some of my early writings where I in my innocence as a writer, was very close to some of the answers.  Buried in my blogs, is a story called (Deeper Thoughts) written in November 2016. In it I mentioned a few predictions that I am seeing manifested as I sit and ponder how I can approach this next thought-provoking subject.  No one has all the answers to life’s nagging questions and I will be the first to agree with the person who called me an Opinion Writer. What I am about to write is taken from others that have studied various subjects in far more depth than I could ever do. I am only passing their knowledge forward to be analyzed by my readers so you may come to your own conclusions.  Please do not judge me as a conspirator for offering a totally different approach to current world events.

The latest two stories I have posted on have stimulated my curiosity to some very interesting assumptions. Otis in Acapulco Nov.16/23 and Humanism Oct.16th/23 are bringing some sobering realizations that we may be wrong about some of our thoughts and assumptions’ regarding Israel and Hamas and the power in our world of the evil one. 

If you go to {Stop World} you will find that David Sorenson has a different approach to the Israeli-Hamas conflict.  There is no doubt evil is prevailing in our world to-day. How can we better pin it down to an entity with which we are comfortable. Years ago, I did some investigating into the wealth of present day and found that much of the wealth to-day is old money from times past. The oldest story has to be the Rothchild family that dates back to 1763 and Mayer Amschel Rothschild sent his 5 sons into the world, London, Paris, Vienna, Naples and Frankfurt. The dynasty was born in these cities primarily in Banking to start with and now the family is thought to be worth about 500 trillion dollars which is about half of the total world wealth. Marriage was encouraged within the family in the 1800’s as Mayer when he died insisted that the family would be stronger if they did not marry outside the family. 1st and 2nd cousins married with only 4 women and two men marrying outside the family between 1824-1877.

David Sorenson makes a good case on the Mike Evans show “Brighteon” Nov.17th, when he shows that evil abounds in this Rothschild family. Sorenson goes into great detail as to why he believes the world wars and woes are initiated by this family from cults to child sodomizing – molestation and killings.  He believes and has proof that this evil financed in large part the Jewish nation and also, it’s adversaries such as Hamas. This evil has financed the WEF of which our PM, King Charles111, Chrystia Freeland and so many other pawns for the devil as well as Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, are all members. If you are thinking this is just too outrageous to be true, do your own digging. While evil does it’s best to bring God’s people under its influence, innocent Israelis, Palestinians, Ukrainians, Russians and the world are suffering in needless wars. Raw stupidity runs rampant in the halls of many parliaments and government houses and our leaders are very much responsible for much of our woes.  

It is hard to believe that a cat coming too close to the fence dividing Israel from the West Bank will sound alarms. Israelis never take their eyes off the hundreds of monitors protecting their borders. Why did the Israeli forces leave their posts allowing hundreds of Hamas fighters into the country to murder children and unprotected women and old men? A detachment of 24 women observers were murdered after being raped and having their eyes torn out and their arms and legs hacked off. A young mother was raped in front of her husband and they were forced to watch and hear the screams of their baby burned to death in an oven. Innocent Israelis and Palestinians alike have endured unimaginable pain and suffering. Who is at fault? The fault lies everywhere and man must understand that we as a society have over the years not improved from our barbarian ways, but we have found ourselves further away from the teachings of the Bible and our God. This is not a world of peace and love.

Take heart my dear friends. This is all in God’s plan and he loves all mankind as WE should. You can avoid the terrible times in the future if you accept God and his son Jesus Christ into your life. Be with all believers in God and his son and join them in the   Rapture and avoid the living Hell on earth that will be inevitable.  


Paul D. Scott            

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