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Truckers & Mandates

Feb 1st. 2022


Canada has finally found a place on the world stage for something other than a place of disgrace because of our embarrassing prime minister. The words on everybody’s lips are “Canadian Truckers”. From the province of Saskatchewan (that most Americans can’t pronounce) is an ordinary guy that has had enough of the present governments, both Liberal and Conservative in our country. He along with a large population from across Canada are fed up with covid and the socialistic mandates we have had to endure. Truck drivers along with so many other workers that have struggled through the past two years of covid keeping our economy from a total collapse are fed up and why should they not be ready for a revolt? However, there has been no revolt, just a bunch of truckers joined by others that decided they were not treated with any respect by government and minority un-elected idiots that have done more damage to our society with mandates and controls than the covid and its so-called vaccines.

Our prime minister has shown his true colours when completely disenfranchising a large portion of the Canadian public by ignoring their pleas for discussions and reduced restrictions. He is so stupid as to be advocating more vaccines when 90% of the cases being reported are omicrons which after many tests has not been affected by the present vaccine. Trudeau claims that the huge demonstrations are by a small fringe minority of the population and their views are unacceptable. Perhaps he should look at his position, he is the leader of a group that barely has support from 30% of the electorate. If the truth were known and our citizens knew his agenda for the collapse of our culture, his popularity would drop by at least another 50%. As I have stated in many of my past writings, Trudeau is a member of the World Economic forum and his #2 in command, Krysta Freeland is a trustee on their board. We as a nation have two very powerful heads of state that have as their agenda, the collapse of our country as we now know it. They are intent on creating a Godless society run by Godless control freaks.

Quote:  It would appear that the so-called “Fringe” is actually the

              government.    Elon Musk.

Trudeau has played his hand a little too forcefully and is looking like the dope many are characterizing him to be. Tucker Carlson had a picture of our prime minister with the caption (TRUE DOPE). His segment was 20 minutes followed up by Hannity who also had nothing good to say about our PM but much praise was heaped on the Canadian people for their resistance to any disturbance that a peace rally like this could display. Not one police arrest in more than two days of Love and concern for the future of our country. Fox News has given more accurate reporting than all the left-wing media in Canada CBC, CTV, Global, they show one Nazi flag in the midst of thousands of Canadian flags and build a story around that giving Trudeau the fuel to rant about unacceptable values. This man is the one whose values need to be explored. Trudeau is a true hypocrite.

Ottawa residents have opened their hearts and pockets with donations of free food for the demonstrators, while this invasion of their city creates inconvenience and a disturbance to their day-to-day life. They understand that is a small sacrifice when the future of our country is at stake. We must remember, that the restaurants and churches and public gatherings are still closed by mandates from Doug. Ford, our provincial premier.

Jordon B. Peterson has made a statement that this is the time for the Conservative leaders in Canada to stand up and take advantage of this situation. His message is “Seize the day”.  However, this will not happen as we are dealing with politicians and they will hold true to form because they feel that the polls still show that the majority of Canadians are still in favour of mandates and restrictions and passports.  It matters little to most of our politicians, what is right- what is the law- what will make this a better place to live, NO. Always, the prime thing is, how can I keep our place of power and influence. What a sorry lot they are.

When the Rebel News interviewer asked where all this free food and the piles of donation came from? - the young man behind the food booth answered, LOVE. These are our finest representing we Canadians sitting at home with a warm house and plenty of food. Many never knowing a day of poverty or want. These every day middle class working stiffs are out there trying to make a better world for us but many of my friends and neighbours are scornful of them for their efforts.  Many are new Canadians that have lived in countries that we surely will become if we do not wake up. They came to Canada because a few months ago, we were free, we are not as free as we were and if we do not act quickly, more and more of our freedoms will be taken away. Power and control are very hard to wrench from the cold hard hands of those who have it. All they want is More.

I was surprised that after seeing the thousands of Canadian flags waving this past week-end by demonstrators and public supporters, some died in the wool left wing liberals could only complain disgruntledly about a couple of banners showing the Nazi swastika. Dancing on the War memorial and right-wing nuts were not condoned by the demonstrators and if you saw the Fox film, you would have seen these rabble rousers escorted away by the crowd. This demonstration was to preserve our freedoms. It had nothing to do with the vaccines. Truckers objected to having to lose work time for two weeks of quarantine every time they entered Canada.  Many mandate lovers mistakenly think that the non-vaccinated are the only lethal spreaders of covid. That is absolutely absurd, the virus is air borne and is spread by both vaxed and unvaxed.

A tribute to the thousands who have had a part in this Canadian Assembly for freedom.  They have inspired many truckers in the USA as well as in many countries in Europe, South America and Australia.   Perhaps a world awakening will come from this.

 Special thanks to Tamara Lich, Harold Jonker, Brian Brase, Benjamin BJ Ditcher and so many more organizers and participants as well as Rebel News. 

Paul D. Scott

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