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Health Canada

July 16/21

If it were not so stupid, it would be comical. But there is nothing funny about an out-of-control bureaucracy. Health Canada along with most of the provinces especially Ontario, have treated the Corona 19 so-called epidemic with little or no regard for what sane scientists were recommending. Rather than concentrating on the vaccines that potentially could eliminate two thirds of the world population, these dopes are worried about window shades and raw beef. Tartare is consumed everywhere in the world as a delicacy, but not in New Brunswick anymore. Tartare has been banned! Not one case of food poison has been reported in NB or any where else in Canada, but the people controlling health care in NB out of the blue have banned the sale of it as they have all over Canada, rare burgers, rare steaks and raw milk and cheese. We are almost banned of alcohol product solely by the exorbitant cost to the consumer. If it tastes good the health police will ban it or make it hard to get or enjoy.  

As a senior, pulling a string rather than fumbling with a so-called wand rod, is far easier. Strings are banned on our blinds now and these restrictions ban 88% of the blinds manufactured in Canada. That represents almost 5,000 jobs lost and many small manufacturers put into bankruptcy. All our blinds will be imported from China. When will parents be responsible for the safety of their children without inconveniencing and punishing a whole population? Health Canada claims an estimated 16,827 children under six over a period of 25 years have been involved with a pull cord on a blind and some have actually been killed. While no one wants any harm to come to any child, how many electric cords have been pulled on by infants to their peril?  Are we going to legislate that electric outlets, appliances and lighting cords be banned? Ridiculous! Look around your home and see just how an infant can be injured if not properly restrained and supervised, which is the job of the parents.

Canada has one of the largest per capita civil service in the world. It is also the least productive compared to any sector you care to choose Government needs to get rid of a lot of civil servants and concentrate on less control and more freedom and for all to take more responsibility for their individual actions. If our government can’t make sane and responsible laws then perhaps, they should be turfed out this fall when election time comes.

Paul D. Scott.

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