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Black News

Jan. 15th 2018


There are many sources for news these days but many are at best only reliable some of the time. My first (go to) is my newspaper delivered to my door 5 days a week. The National Post can be counted on most of the time for unbiased news and many times the only paper that shows Liberals in a bad light. I don’t trust the Globe and Mail or the Toronto red Star. When I scan the TV news media I find many stations report only parts of the real story.  CBC, CTV, Global, CP24, here in Canada report the news but can’t seem to avoid commentary of the news and many times with a left wing biased approach.  In the USA CNN and MSNBC are a joke. PBS, ABC and CBS are some what more reliable but all seem to think news writers are doing their job by using their news chairs to prolificate their personal bias. 

I look forward to my Saturday Post and rarely miss Conrad Black’s half page revue on worldly events. I know of few writers that have a better mind for world and Canadian history. Black has a unique writing style. Have a dictionary handy to be able to interpret some of his vast knowledge of the English language. I am also a fan of Ben Stein of the Us media, stage, screen, radio and TV guy with a wit and a great sense of humour.

Sat. Jan.13th. National Post.  “A Tale of two nations.”

Conrad Black gives some figures that I would not dare challenge. 

While Trump is lowering taxes, and scrapping many regulations to ease the pressure on small business and with startling positive results, two million new jobs in 8 months - Economic growth up to 3% and growing, Trudeau and Wynne are putting more and more pressure on our fragile economy by doing the opposite. Economic growth is forecast for this year of 2.1% and for next year 1.6%.  That is not growth.  Public services are 10% of Canada’s work force, the USA including the huge number in the military is 7%.  In Canada, public- sector employees receive 11% more than the private sector with far better perks.

In Canada 81% of the middle-class families and 60% of the lower income families and 100% of the higher earners are paying higher taxes than two years ago. When all other taxes are calculated, high income professionals are paying more than 70% in taxes. Capital investment has vanished, the Liberals and the NDP- Green alliance have thrown cold water on most development and given in to grovelling native groups and stifling growth with more regulations. Business investment in Canada is the second lowest of the 17 most advanced countries.  We have fallen out of the list of the 10 most economically freest developed countries in the world.  The natives are aiming according to Chief Perry Bellegarde, to get their hands on 2% of GDP, 40 Billion or $30,000 for every native and Matis in Canada. Don’t count on Trudeau to use common sense on this one.

Is the above news, or is it Fake news.?  When do we get the true numbers from our elected politicians? Never! Too many of my Canadian friends and neighbours are living in La La land.  We must wake up and see where we are headed, if we do not make some changes in our decision makers we will be destined to become a second-rate country.

Paul D. Scott. 



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