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Angry White Males

Twenty-one years ago, yes way back in ancient history, the Democrats in the United States lost an election in part to what was then called the “Angry White Male”. They were said to be fed up with a number of issues of that day. The press gave them credit for all sorts of despicable acts such as blowing up buildings and woman hating and putting Newt Gingrich in charge of the House. None of this was ever proven and records show that if anything, this was all smoke and mirrors but it did stir up enough interest to win an election for the GOP. As I was reading this short article in Charles Krauthammer’s latest best seller, “Things That Matter” It occurred to me that perhaps a ground swell of citizens should use this same strategy and perhaps call it?

“The Angry White Rite”

Perhaps a clean slate, let’s rid ourselves of all the graft, deceit, broken promises, lies, cheating, pork, over spending, election manipulating, welfare and dopes we have running things and bring this country back to its roots by starting with, “In God We Trust” Everyone- --- conservative, Liberal, Independent, Green Yellow Black, White, mixed, if you believe we need an overhaul of government, you’re welcome: A monumental job, yes, but it has to be a better result than more of the same nonsense.

Like it or not, the world does need an international cop to enforce basic humane laws. Great Britain did an average job of it with some glitches along the way and the US when taking over after the 1st WW has also done somewhat better with a lot of resistance. Since the election of the worst president ever in this United States, the world has struggled with no moral direction and is becoming chaotic. Obama has done more to unravel this country and world resolve than any other individual living or dead.

We need, Angry Americans to take back their country. Show us how. We need a house cleaning in my country of Canada as well. Every great Endeavour starts with an idea.    Paul D. Scott.

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