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Letter to the Editor,

National Post

Jan 27th, 2021


Striking a balance between health and liberty-  Preston Manning  National Post Jan.26 2021.


Finally, some sanity has been put forward for the public to chew on. With old age comes wisdom and sadly we are not listening to the seniors when we address this covid 19 epidemic. Preston Manning has put forth some suggestions and sighted our Canadian Charter of freedoms as being totally ignored by our politicians and scientists. They are outlined in detail by Mr. Manning and are listed as follows.

Section (2a)  freedom of conscience and religion.

Section (2b)  freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression.

Section (2b)  regarding physicians and surgeons.

Section (2c)  freedom of peaceful assembly.

Section (2d)  freedom of association.

Manning understands the seriousness of this coronavirus but in the interest of all Canadians, asks for government support in achieving an equitable balance between the protection of our health and our fundamental rights.

Making the same decisions over and over again with the same drastic results can’t be right. We must learn from our past and move forward with less drastic measures that affect the well being of so many. 

Paul D. Scott  Welland On.  

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