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CANCER The Big Scare

April 4th.2024

Cancer is not new to me. I have written about it as a layman and one who has experienced it in its many forms. My blog –( has a detailed description of my journey over a period of more than a year from my first suspicious day to the beginning of my miraculous Cancer free moments. Joan, my wife has had many encounters with Melanoma, Bazil, and Squamish cancers. Melanoma is the killer. Amazing as it may seem, I have found that many cancer patients have no idea what kind of cancer they have or even what stage it has progressed to and not much about their treatments. Is this the doctor’s fault or are these poor souls so taken aback by their situation that they cannot rationally deal with it?  I am sure it is a little of both. Medicine is not what it once was. In many cases, I am sure it is assumed the patient must know everything about their condition as all the information one would want is available on the many sites on their cell phones and computers. I have written many times that two important things a patient should be aware of is to recognize and deal with the problem early. What the heck is the doctor talking about when they do not speak in plain English while explaining our condition?  Ask what are you saying please, in layman’s terms. I am sure that the shock of being told you have cancer is enough. The conversation following is a blur. Many fine doctors are dismissed by their patients for one reason and that is their bedside manner is appalling. 

I hadn’t planned on writing today except my morning newspaper stimulated me to do so, often on the stupidity of the writers and the biased and slanted articles they spit out.  Fake news and the lack of informed news giving many sides of a subject amazes me as to why I bother. As an Opinion writer myself in a modest way, I have to give the writers a little slack on the Opinion page of my paper, BUT!  Please tell the whole story.

The headline read – “Plan needed for the coming wave of cancer cases”. The authors, Dr. Sandeep Sehdev and Louise Sinder, lament the fact that WHO’s “World Health Organization’s” notice was, the higher-than-normal cases of cancer reported and anticipated a surge in the future. This was largely unnoticed. This is no surprise to many as the health industry has followed every word WHO printed. They followed orders and now we know, that was a mistake.  As big pharma finances the WHO, their agenda was in line with everything the money demanded.  This included all the lies put forth on the so-called vaccines and the lies regarding Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. However, in this case, the WHO is correct, cancer is increasing at alarming rates. The statistics were given in this article on some cancers, breast, colorectal, and prostate, these are due to demographic factors including aging, greater longevity which I assume is aging, better detection, immigration, and true increased risk of certain cancers which makes little sense when they left the greatest cause and cure out. 

For the past two years, scientists and doctors have been warning the public that the human race is going to be reduced by millions if we do not stop taking the poison needle, the so-called vaccine for covid. Already, the censored few have jeopardized their jobs and professions as they have been warning against the extended use of the jab.  Spike Protein, sometimes does not stay at the injection point as was first declared. When it spreads throughout the body, it contacts vital organs, and many times cancer is the result. The natural immune system our body produces has been compromised and weakened and allows Turbo Cancer that grows quickly, killing the patient in a very short time. The cure for this is to avoid continuous jabs. Old folks like me are watching the obituaries every day to be assured we haven’t missed anything. I have noticed an increase in deaths with the notation “died suddenly” or unexpected death, or died from a short illness. Morticians are reporting an upsurge in business.  Reports from numerous surveys out of Europe that we seem to avoid, are estimating the world-wide death toll to this date from the jab at 17 million. This may be just a small number in the overall carnage unauthorized and illegal vaccines will have before we wake up to this travesty.

I am an Opinion writer; I have no formal education in healthcare except what I have witnessed and experienced in the past 80 plus years. I have come very close to death with Sepsis, an almost fatal auto/truck accident, and told I had 6 months to live with esophageal cancer. I thank all the health workers who have made it possible for me to be here today. I have been privileged to be in the care of some of the most dedicated doctors and nurses. However, this world has had a decisive change and what was once, is now forgotten by many and a new age has evolved.

Covid has made a profound change in my life. It has caused me to be more critical of the system and of man. I have spent literally hundreds of hours in research. I have learned a great deal and I have to admit, many friends have abandoned me for my opinions, others just tolerate me and that is how humans are. Everyone has a right to live his or her life as they so desire. I feel that I have had a come to God experience in the healthcare world as well as a religious one. God and my spiritual being certainly play a large part in my life. I do not apologize for this and if you don’t agree with my stand then so be it. We can still be friends. This should not put a barrier between those with a difference of opinion.       Proverbs 18/24

 A man who has friends, must himself be friendly but, there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.


Paul D. Scott                    

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