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Always Learning


Wouldn’t you think that by the time we reach our 70’s and 80’s we would have learned all we need to know for this life.   Teens have reached that point and remind us every day that they know it all.

While in the shower this morning, I was gloating a bit remembering a recent golf game. I do like to get out with my friends a couple of times a week.  We have breakfast first, sometimes as early as seven AM. I would rarely get up at that ungodly hour for anything else. Lots of laughs with friends are a good thing and I feel it keeps me feeling younger. Most of the boys are younger than I but I still enjoy their playful attitude and their stories. Why some are  still in their sixties. However, I am closer to the real senior group that boasts a pretty good drive but not so far.  When golf pros. suggested that we old folks could tee off from the forward tees quite legally and with no embarrassment, some of us grabbed that idea and ran with it.

Our scores started to show some improvement, we could sometimes get to the green in regulation and that is very rewarding, however, as always my bride of 56 years is right again. She gives me a hard time and complains that I now have an unfair advantage over her and that I should move back to where I belong, on the senior tees. My last two games were from the same tees that my young friends are playing from and I have done pretty well keeping up and even scoring better than one or two of them.

The lesson I have learned from this experience is one that I had almost forgotten. Don’t give in to your adversities; challenge yourself to more than you think you are capable; always have a goal that you think you can’t achieve, for you just might surprise yourself and all around you that you can do whatever you desire if you try hard enough.

Paul D Scott


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