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After writing my last book “Rantings and Raves of a Curious Old Fart”,  I  thought that I had exhausted my short stories for awhile, but with the perverted sense of humor that I possess, it seems that almost every week brings forth another subject that I feel I would like to share.

In setting up my new Web page, we were in need of a few new pictures. “ Do you know where you,  “ you being the operative word here” put the camera”. My reply was   “ Honey, you know I am not allowed to take any more pictures since my hands shake so much,  I am sure you had it last”  They say that the first thing to go is the memory, I can attest to that!  Needless to say, this little compact camera not much bigger than a credit card has still avoided being found.

Shortly after this little incident, we were informed by a friend at a dinner party that he was somewhat apprehensive about the following week as he was to see his Doctor for a procedure no male ever wants to think about. “I am having problems with Kidney stones” he said, “and as a last resort I am to have a camera inserted up my penis”. 

A few days later another friend informed me of his problem with a health issue he has lived with for a long time and a new procedure that just might ease his situation by having him swallow a pill with a camera inside it.  “I should think that camera would be quite expensive” I stated.  I was informed that he would have to retrieve the camera from his stool, and return it to the hospital for re cycling. My first thought and warning to my friend was to make sure the camera he was to  take  orally was washed thoroughly.

This got me to wonder about my lost camera.

Bend over honey, I have an idea.


Paul D Scott

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