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??? on Vaccines



Let me be very clear, I am an Opinion writer. This title, one day appeared on my web site and so I guess I will have to live with it. As with most of us, our circumstances change over the years, so I am not able to golf, sail or restore houses and boats any more. My ability to even eat, paint, sing or talk as I once did has been hampered. So, I turned my talents to writing and research as a result of old age and covid19.  I had already written a number of books but research is a new endeavor that I enjoy. Not too many people agree with me. I have to accept this for what it is. My wife and I have paid a price for our different thoughts. However, most of our friends and relatives are tolerant of us and accept that we have a different opinion on a lot of subjects. One being the vaccine (so-called) for covid19 and its variants. For the record, I am not a vaccine denier, nor are the thousands of virologists’ and doctors and scientists that DO disagree with this jab that has been accepted by the world for covid. My family have had all the recommended legal vaccines that have been administered for over 120 years, smallpox being the first and going back in time to 1796 where Dr. Edward Jenner introduced a cowpox that later transformed to the 1st. vaccine for smallpox. “Vacca” is the Latin word for cow and the theory of vaccine goes back to 206 BC.  My suspicions were aroused when we were told to get the flu vaccine and after some investigation, I found we were getting, many times, a shot for the flu that was current the year before. The flu shot had not the same effect of regular vaccines as many people got the flu anyway and it was still transferable; Apparently the flu, like covid has many variants and it is virtually impossible for big Pharma to be able to guess what is needed in the present time, without giving the patient an injection that could, potentially be harmful or deadly.

  Unfortunately, the word “Vaccine” has been abused by the whole world health system starting with Moderna and Dr. Fauci when a Vaccine was developed and available but was not, nor could it be administered in its present form and introduced to the marketplace. It could not be properly tested nor were its contents safe for human use. However, word has it from very knowledgeable doctors and health professionals, that because the public were demanding a cure for covid, what better time than this to bring onto the market a “so-called” vaccine that would make billions for so many, that in normal times would be unthinkable and unethical to introduce to the public.  Fear took hold on the world and for most of us, we said, “any port in a storm, it’s worth taking the chance”. The opportunity for control and undeserved profits were so evident that the Oligarchs of the world doubled and tripled their wealth as did many of the world’s billionaires.

Why then if this vaccine “so-called” is so bad, are there not more fatalities that we can see and identify? The Pharma companies are not stupid. Many batches were sent out with just a placebo and the vax in only a percentage to be distributed. If everyone got the full dose it would not be hard to identify a large number of problems and know that this so-called vaccine was not good for human injection. Also, there are many different bodies that produce many different re-actions and some have no re-action. Some will have a change in their health months or years later and won’t even consider that it could be from the covid shot months before. Many of us deny the covid shot as contributing to the high number of young people taken down by Myocarditis. Many professionals predicted a surge in sudden Cancer cases and deaths and still others predicted many more would have internal organs failing. A recent study from New Zealand shows that death from all vaccines were hardly on the graph except for the covid fake that showed a huge increase in kidney disease for those taking multiple doses.

Dr. Bret Weinstein was interviewed recently by Tucker Carlson. He has come up with some startling information with problems with the injection of the so-called vax. To avoid complaints from the public that the injection takes too long and is a bit more uncomfortable, the injectors, some very new at this sort of thing, are instructed to just get it done in a hurry, in and out. The good doctor says that this is potentially causing some real problems. If the needle is injected into a blood vessel and the serum goes into the blood, it will eventually do great harm to the brain and can have fatal effects on the heart. The heart is a very complex organ but does not have the capability to heal itself. It can only create scar tissue that eventually can cause heart problems or failure. If the injection is put into the muscle, it can only have limited efficacy. The injection needle should be inserted and then drawn back to see if blood occurs and then if it does, push through the vein or pull back before completing the procedure. Do you really want this procedure done by a Newby?  Dr. Weinstein returning from a European health conference reveals stunning numbers that should send shivers down your spine. The figures that you in Canada will never see from the bribed media. 1 in 800 shots of the covid so-called vaccine produces death in one way or another. That in terms of the world is a total of approximately 17 million deaths World-wide from the covid shots.  We are told by many that the covid19 epidemic was used as a tool to introduce the fake vaccines for eventual world dominance. Fear and control are the tools to accomplish this evil. This is only the beginning of more of the same. Climate control and USA southern border atrocities, a run on the US dollar, personal privacy and moral decay are only some of the issues we will face in 2024. Look for more support of a new and fool-proof vaccine to treat another untreatable virus. They can’t help themselves running that by us again.

 Births are down in the western world and why not?  Abortion is legal and death by injection of babies as young as 6 months and also of pregnant mothers, are all contributing to our population decline. Maid is another plan for reducing the population in Canada.

Quote “The ways of the west have evaporated and can be compromised under the right circumstances.”  Bret Weinstein.

Paul D. Scott                   

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