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Climate Change (BUNK)


The world waits each day for more information from Davos on the latest word on Climate Change. Will the sun rise in the east and set in the west? Will the rain come as snow tomorrow or will we perish in the heat of the midday sun? Will wildfires still persist and are hurricanes and tornadoes going to force us to move to higher ground and move into caves?  This is on the minds of every sane and thinking soul on earth. Or is it? We should be directing our energy to insisting on peace and the welfare of our needy, our healthcare could use more funds and perhaps we should be thinking about some new armaments to replace the outdated tanks, airplanes and ships that are pretty much all older than most reading this. We are now aware that our young men and women in our armed forces are not as healthy as they should be since being forced to take a substance no one knows it’s content.

Some concerns should be directed to cleaning up our water and taking better care of our food production. I have read too many stories about Chem-Trails polluting our air, water and ground with a fine aluminum mist. Some experts have traced this back to its birth in the 1950’s. Others are claiming the high increase in bronchial, respiratory and allergies is the result. Our lifestyle could be improved radically if we just had the funds. We do! However, a large portion is going to fighting CLIMATE CHANGE.
We are going crazy listening to these bone heads that have convinced the world that the sky is falling. None of them have any idea what the science is saying because like Covid19, it is all about control and fear. The experts have been silenced by the noise coming from the likes of Al Gore, Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Jusin Trudeau and many others that have only one thing on their minds, get money to fight this invisible foe. Put the fear of God into the populous for more control. Every business is accessed for compensation by their carbon footprint. Is it possible that humans could be included by taxing every human by his or her carbon footprint? Scientists will tell you that the average human exhales 2 pounds of co2 per day. This makes a good case for the Progressives for reducing the world population. An interesting observation is that some people will insist that when they talk to their plants, they grow faster and bigger. Breathing daily on your plants and expelling co2 on them is a good case for a tax on breathing.

My left-wing Liberal newspaper has a most amusing article written by a group called “Faith Climate Justice” from Waterloo region. They claim that Canada produces almost 80% of global greenhouse gas, are they advocating we cut down 80% of our trees? No, they want Canada to step up and donate more money to the UN (COP28) and for all citizens to give up fossil fuels. They also claim that Canada is in the world’s top 10 GHG emitters. This coming from the World Resources Institute. This Waterloo group, like so many others are naïve and have not done their due diligence to find out what climatologists and science have to say about “climate change”. Their spokespeople claim that 90% of the experts claim that Climate Change radicals are dead wrong and fear put into the public is totally unnecessary. However, the experts have been virtually silenced. Many would rather listen to the Bobble heads instead. Everything needs to be converted to electricity. Where do we get our electricity? From the burning of Fossil fuels. It’s a fact that we can’t convert until our electric grids are modernized and upgraded, and a better source of fuel is found. Wind and Solar have proven to not be that source. The cost for Canadians would be unimaginable.

If it were not so expensive and dangerous, it would be humorous. Proponents of Climate Change, the UN, declaring war on fossil fuels having their COP28 climate change conference in Dubai United Emirates, where the whole economy is supported by their oil reserves - fossil fuels.  How ridiculous is that? The only plausible reason for these people to host this bunch of radicals is they are both in agreement that 18% of the world carbon emissions is from coal. Neither group likes coal. You can bet that China and India are not going to be influenced by the Arabs or the UN any time soon to drop coal from their energy plans.

“Fear and Guilt for Control” dated Oct 2nd23 on a former blog of mine highlights two of many scientists and climatologists that say we have no immediate fear of our climate changing where it will impact our lives. We are coming out of a minor 500-year cooling or (minor ice age) period so we are warming a bit. Climate changes slowly and for the oceans to rise an inch or so in a century, so what? Tides recede and rise 40 feet on the east coast of Canada. In 2006, Al Gore predicted that all the ice in the Arctic would be melted by 2020 and the Oceans would rise and flood the whole eastern coastline of North America. Is he a fool?

If you are interested in the climate changes predicted in the Bible, “The End Times” will be a whole different kettle of fish. Hopefully, believers in Christ will not experience the earth changing events God has planned.  You will find the destruction of one third of the earth in the story of the Seventh Seal, Revelation chapter 8 & 9. This has nothing to do with our carbon foot print or the amount of life giving co2 that is present. It is all about God’s displeasure of man who have rejected him for a life of sin and evil. Our climate is ever changing, that is the way of the world. God’s love for mankind is constant, we were made in his image, however, God will defeat Satan and his worshippers, then there will be a world renewed for man to live in peace and tranquility for 1000 years. That is the GOOD NEWS.


Paul D. Scott                    

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