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Laws !

July 30th.2023


If you have been curious enough to read some of my writings over the past 20 years, you will have noticed I mention quite frequently God’s Laws. It is not by chance that the subject comes up a lot as we as a society living in what was once a Godly nation, have started to follow man’s laws and reject God’s laws.  Our public Schools in North America have all but ravished our once sacred teachings of the Ten Commandments, our loyalty to our country, and prayer for our leaders. The three R’s, Reading- wRiting and aRithmatic are secondary to all sorts of gibble- gabble that is meaningless in the outside world. If history is even taught it is not manifested by the pupil with a knowledge of our past. We have more lawyers than any society should have to bear. We have them for the most part to interpret laws that in some cases are thousands on pages long and totally unintelligible. I was presented with a legal document from a financial company that had been put together at great expense by a team of lawyers that was the ultimate (CYA) “cover your ass”. If I were to sign, I was potentially throwing my rights and my children’s rights away for life. This was a 5-page document set up for any or all claims against this corporation. It did not address my concerns at all but to move forward, I was obliged to sign it. I passed. Perhaps if I had asked for a legal opinion, I might have had it explained to me but at what cost. I learned my lesson a long time ago to keep as far away from legal council as you can. Humanity has relied on some form of direction for thousands of years. Man set up his own Gods to pay homage to the Sun, Moon or wooden, bronze silver or gold idles. All demanded a form of homage to be given for a false protection.

 For the past 2000 years Christians have worshipped a God of Love. Jesus is God’s son and no father has given more than our God when he gave his son Jesus to die on the cross of Calvary for the sins of all mankind. God gave the people of the Old Testament the 10 Commandments. Moses was God’s instrument. Jesus updated those laws and gave us the most thoughtful and awe-inspiring message of instruction to his people, The Sermon on the Mount. We can find all you need to know about Laws in the Bible in the first book of the New Testament, St. Matthew chapter 5, 6 and 7.  Chapter 5 The Beatitudes, Chapter 6 Christ’s model prayer, and Chapter 7, The Golden Rule. All that is required by our God in return is to believe in him and his son and to do our best to follow his laws. Our reward is to be with the creator, God our Father, in heaven for eternity. What a deal!

Paul D. Scott 

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