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Shame on You CANADA

Feb.1st, 2024

When I was much younger, just 22 years old, I was transferred to the North by my company, “General Steel Wares”. North Bay, Sudbury or Sault Ste. Marie were where all young aggressive men with advancement potential were sent to prove themselves. The theory was if you could survive in the north, you would probably be the kind of individual the company needed and wanted in management. My new wife and I decided on Sudbury.  We had a new VW Bug, our clothes and a few sticks of furniture so the move was pretty easy and the Apartment was more than we needed. My territory was the largest geographically in Canada but certainly not in population. Western Ontario from the Manitoba border to North Bay and as far north as I wanted to go.  To visit some of my accounts I was restricted to flying in small rickety airplanes with seasoned Bush pilots that at times put the fear of God in me. When I could drive, weather permitting, it was a 16-hour trek with only the bare minimum of possible stops.  I travelled on the CPR and the CNR and the ACR which was pre first W/War rail coaches and run by the Algoma Central railway owned by Sir. James Dunn. A few years earlier, my predecessor was Frank O’Grady, a legend in the north and a friend of Sir James Dunn who died in the 50’s leaving a fortune of between 70 and 100 million dollars.  

Why am I upset that my Canada has fallen short of it’s potential in the economic world?

A partial answer is we have lost our pride in all the wonderful accomplishments our predecessors passed onto us.  We tear down monuments to men and women that did the ground work establishing a base for generations to follow. History and the basic principles of decency and morals have been ground down to dust under the feet of money hungry me-me opportunists. Canada’s politicians spend too much effort and time on how we can reduce our population with Maid and still import millions from third world countries, that boggles the mind. Gender changes and speech correctness instead of how we can better look after our own population and use the resources God gave to benefit all Canadians. We have had so many opportunities to prosper and our leaders have squandered them.

 Canada has the longest coastline in the world, water surrounds us on three sides and yet our navy has shrunk to a mere shadow from when we had the third largest navy in the world following W/W 2. Our coast guard can only adequately defend a small portion of our coasts. We stand to lose our Northern territories because of a lack of interest on the part of our leaders.  We have problems swatting down mosquitoes, how would we be able to protect ourselves against enemy balloons or God forbid, missiles. There are so many examples of incompetence that when we think about it, we shudder with disgust.

The example I want to put forward is just one among many that was brought to my attention in the news today.  The article reads, “St. Catherines - based Algoma purchases two ice-class tankers”.  Great news, but read on. Algoma was owned by a Canadian and was first and foremost a steel company. Probably started a shipping company because of its location on the eastern shore of Lake Superior in Sault Ste. Marie and the rail line to get resources from the Wawa area at Hawk Junction in the middle of the vast forests of central Canada.  So why would a huge steel company want to build steel ships to sail the world from a small country like NORWAY?  Why? because Norway has a vast wealth of skills that they have taken advantage of along with all their resources with only 5.5 million people compared to our bloated 40 million in Canada. We have debt, more than our descendants will ever be able to pay off,  Norway does not and has become rich with its North Sea oil and its vast forests and entrepreneurial spirit.  In recent years we in Canada have rejected all that Norway has embraced. Government bureaucracy has done all that is possible to close down our natural resources and pipelines.  We are increasingly forced to   depend on the fickle climate changes that are normal. We have no control over hydro, wind and solar, that is God’s area and when they are in short supply, we must turn to fossil fuels. Will we be able to switch fast enough to our old reliable tried and true or will we wither away in the cold of Canada’s relentless winters? If we lose the benefits of fossil, wind, water and sun, we may be glad of “climate change.”

Paul D. Scott                                     rantingsandraves .com

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