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Trust in Government?

Nov 15th 2022.

Health Care

The past three years have been a test for most of us and not the least we in the minority that have refused the Jab. Many call it the Vaccine, but just because the publication Lancet and the CDC have changed the description of a Vaccine to suit big pharma’s, this does not change the fact that we are told to take the jab as a vaccine. The jab does not act like a normal vaccine, in which a small particle of the desease  is injected to alert your immune system to be aware of a larger foreign infection, but in the jab is a man-made substance that will weaken your natural immune system and if you survive, it will make your body more and more dependent on the Jab. The Jab is clearly not working as the injection builds up in the body and causes more and more spike protein which reduces your natural immune system.  Many young people are dying or becoming very ill with Myocarditis, kidney, liver and neural complications.  Cancer is being detected in many that have been multi jabbed. Records show a 20 – 25% increase in new cancer patients in surveys in France.  

Lancet was a well-respected medical journal that was owned by a private morally conscious family. They sold out to a publishing company that are friendly to Big Pharma. They can no longer be trusted for impartial reporting.

So where does one go for the truth?  Many morally strong doctors, nurses, scientists and private news people are standing up and spreading the truth about these corrupt times. Many are being censored to the point that they are having to go underground. Legitimate science is losing very good people that could be of service if allowed to do their jobs.  Hospital staff are being laid off and fired just at the time they are most needed. Pediatric hospitals are filling up with the children of frightened parents, that are suffering from respiratory problems. Are these the same parents that were in the front of the line for the children’s jab? The media as always enhance the story to sell their newspapers and the reports are that children’s hospitals say they are 130% over capacity for critical care beds, Ontario has approximately 15 million population and at the present time 120 beds are occupied. No one discounts even 1 child in critical care, however, 130 beds out of 15 million people is a very small percentage of the population. To be precise {.0000086%}

Vaers latest report is showing 1.3 million serious health effects in the last two years. That number represents 50% of all reports of all vaccines since they started reporting vaccine reactions. Government is failing us as they are not fighting this horrible threat to civilization. They are falling in lock-step with some bad partners.


Ben Miller, a podcaster has been very skeptical about American elections for some time. I feel the same way, so much of the news when analyzed and compared to factual events just does not make any sense.  They say figures don’t lie and I believe that to be so. These past few elections in the USA have been jacked and no matter what experts have to say about it, I smell a rat. The Democratic party has sunk to an all-time low and have in two short years, taken the country to a place that will be difficult to recover from. In two years from now, no matter what the pundits’ say, the left is in forever. The republican party are too weak with far too much dissension. Trump has just announced his run for a second term and I feel this is a mistake. His four years as President were good in many ways but the man has an unpleasant ego that many just cannot get over.

The Democratic party have been able to work the system to get almost all the powerful elements in the country to back their agenda. The media are so pro left along with big money, pharma, industry, Hollywood and every aspect of society that puts power and money ahead of the people. If 75% of the people voted against the democrats in the next election, they would still pull off a win. Corruption is their middle name.  As long as mail in ballots and ballot harvesting and drop off street ballot boxes are legal, and counting allowed to be extended indefinitely, fraud and corruption, cheating and lying will thrive.

I fear our creepy PM Trudeau is very close behind the USA in corruption and it is well known he is only popular with about a third of the country but holds court as if he had a majority. The NDP have made that a possibility. It is criminal and unjust to be spreading our borrowed wealth that will become the debt of our children and grandchildren.  Our hard-earned taxes are spread like ferry dust around the world by our drunken sailor. Our societal structure is crumbling while Mr. Dressup is Father Christmas to the world.

Trudeau goes about our destruction in a different way. His plan seems to be to re-construct our parliament and Senate in a way that the Liberals will maintain power for a long time into the future even if their popularity has been diminished. He is in a position now to appoint 85% of the upper house to supporting the left agenda. Up until now Trudeau’s legacy has been legalizing drugs, abortion and Euthanasia and doubling our debt. If he succeeds with his passion to re-arrange our government system, I am sure he would be quite happy to have this added to his resumé.

Paul D. Scott







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