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Man vs. Woman – uncertain future for the world in 2024.

Jan. 4th 2024


Is it down to that now? Is my gender up for grabs and am I eventually going to be at home doing the most important job in the world while a super race of females are now the bread winners? If the last few generations of children are not showing the results of women relinquishing their child rearing skills for a weekly income, and a level of statis, I don’t know what does. Statistics will bear this out with divorce at its highest on record and the once family unit now becoming a dream.  Do I, or do you have the answer to correct this breakdown of our culture?  I think not.  However, there are a few things we can do to soften the blow of a complete collapse and a return to some point of compromise.

We must come back to our core values. The Lord’s Prayer is a good start. I have had many Lesbian and Gay friends over the years and I thought of these friends as being pretty normal except like religion, they did not share my beliefs. We all have come short of God’s plan for us. However, the LGPTQ-----? have gone to extremes that should not be accepted by Christians.     Our schools need to be totally redefined and teachers should not be represented by unions.  The Teacher’s Union has proven to be solely for the welfare of the union and not the teachers and certainly not the students. We must stop the tear down of our founding culture and our history. Man must take back the responsibilities given him by our God. Adam was deceived by Eve who in turn was deceived by the Devil to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Eve was told in Genesis 6-16, by  GOD “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children; Your desire shall be your husband, and he shall rule over you.”

That does not mean that man should bully women or mistreat them. It does mean that the last word is the males, and should be respected and accepted by the female.

My marriage has been a blessing, and to have been given the responsibility of raising two wonderful God-fearing deaf men, has been the greatest challenge and we have been rewarded 100 fold for our efforts. There were challenges every day in their youth and Joan was there for them but always made them live up to their potential. When they became self-sufficient, they were allowed to go out into the world on their own, reluctantly, but our just being there for them, they knew we could catch them if they faltered. While our boys had a loving mother and father, their mother was by far the greatest influence in their lives. The father figure in coloured families is too often absent and that is the cause of a lot of young black men getting into trouble.  When the time was right, Joan followed me into my many endeavours, she became my secretary, plant manager, financial manager in our rentals and later in the running of our 5-star Inn.  She was a serious link in a very competitive world and not taken lightly by her peers who were always male. All our decisions were discussed and many times argued about, but Joan always left the final decision to be made by me. Not so much today in our surroundings, almost always the female drives the car if there is a choice. That is a small but telling indication of the problem. I see young girls domineering their male friends and the boys are not capable of standing their ground. It  is a fact, that females mature much faster than their male friends. Too many women are placed in responsible positions just because they are female and we need to put both sexes on equal ground to compete, ethnic, colour and sex should not play into the scenario.  

 Jorden Peterson has been loudly criticized by a fringe element of young collage age women, screaming like banshees for his standing up for the young men of the world. It is not the fault of these young women for their ignorance and prejudice, the problem goes back many generations to the 1960’s. You may call this a conspiracy theory but our history shows that our educational system was loaded years ago with young left leaning teachers. We are bearing the weight of this action now with 95% of our teachers in the College and University level either far left, socialist or communist. Many with tenure and too many teaching the new Woke and Progressive trash that will bring our society down if not broken. Peterson has been interviewed hundreds of times and travelled all over the world promoting his books and receiving many tear-filled young males that have been hurt deeply by this assault on their gender. Finally, someone has understood the hurt to mankind and our society that wokeness has had.

Many will ask, what’s the big deal?  Women have always been in the work force and besides how can a family survive without a second income.  Grandparents and Parents will think all is well with their children but the system dictates a teacher follow the curriculum. The curriculum during the time of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynn was run by a child molester as head of education for Ontario and teachers were obliged to teach inappropriate sex to children as young as 5 and 6 years old. In the USA they have a shortfall of 300,000 teachers as many have resigned rather than obey the rules prescribed. The only race, religion and sex to be discussed in the classroom must be that of the Progressive left Woke doctrine. This new religion as far as I have been able to determine is not one of a forgiving and loving God, but each individual has their own God and religion. It is what the individual feels is good for him or her, or It.  

The Great Reset.

If the WHO or Klaus Schwab and the WEF have no meaning in your life, you should make yourself aware that plans are well entrenched for an outright war on our way of life. To have a reset of our culture, first, our present lifestyles must be torn down to make way for the new plan. That means that all we hold dear to us in our present life must be taken away to allow for the “The Great Reset”. It will encompass family, religion, history, morals, privacy, education, politics, finance, freedom, travel and more.  This will happen gradually at first with the WHO (World Health Organization) being given worldwide control over all governments and peoples to declare emergencies either real or otherwise and impose regulations on the people of the world that for many will be difficult to resist thinking this is good for our society. Almost all countries Worldwide have endorsed this plan with the exception of a few Eastern European countries that have experienced totalitarian governments in the past and want nothing to do with the WHO.

 Dr. Peter Daszak, president of Eco-Health Alliance (EHA), Fauci’s pal and accomplice in getting covid19 into the hands of the Chinese in Wuhan. He has endorsed the scam to take over the planet in the name of safeguarding health and is quoted as saying climate change, severe weather, deforestation, desertification, ocean acidification, zoonotic disease outbreaks, all can come under heavy mandates without any discussion or the will of the people.

 The fears of many are that mandates and all sorts of rules will be imposed on the public, such as climate change and Covid or health situation to be considered by WHO as  a national disaster, with total powers over our freedoms that will surely vanish. The vote to endorse WHO is very near (May 2024)  and we should all resist it by getting your government MP’s and MPP’s to act against it. Klause Shwab, a German Nazi and head of the WEF has Trudeau and Freeland in his back pocket and he claims to also have the support of over 50% of Trudeau’s cabinet. This is not a conspiracy we are witnessing. The WHO and WEF have declared to the world their intentions and it is clear that they are well on their way to achieve them. If our  government’s handling of covid offended you and your principles, there is a lot more of that and worse in our future. We can’t afford to ignore the signs any longer.

Look out 2024, this could be a very eventful year aside from the very important USA election that has some surprises in store as well. Biden, the corrupt puppet and his master Obama, will not allow the Democrats to be defeated. These lefties have not accomplished their goal of total destruction of the United States yet.

It has been said by those far more in tune with world affairs than me.    

 Quote “It seems there is only one way out of this mess and it has to be some divine entity that has yet to appear” 

Sound familiar?


 Paul D. Scott.            


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