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May 10th, 2024

I would be lying if I wrote that Trudeau senior was a good PM or that I voted for him. He was not a good man and certainly failed in many ways as our PM.  For fifteen years, Canadians had to tolerate his antics as our Prime Minister.  His wife Margaret was an embarrassment to all Canadians and her indiscretions were numerous. Even to the point of rumours that Justin was not Pierre’s natural son.  Trudeau Sr. was Canada’s best-known PM, but not necessarily our best man for the job. Other Liberals would be a better choice, William Lyon Mackenzie King was unusual and excentric and while controversial, he was able to   bring us through the second World War showing how a great nation can work under extreme stress, pressure and conflict. The first Trudeau introduced the War Measures Act without having a war. His misuse of it was excessive as was Justin’s during the covid crisis. The world looked twice at these two blunders and especially when Canadians were punished so harshly by having their bank accounts frozen and many jailed for expressing their contempt for a government during the covid lockdown. In Canada, free speech and the right to assemble peacefully were damaged severely in the eyes of the world. Trudeau has announced that new laws are in the works to jail for life any Canadian breaking the new Hate speech laws. Canada’s reputation will suffer greatly if Trudeau has many more months in office as our Prime Minister.  

Canadians have endured under the leadership of Justin Trudeau.  Our credibility in World affairs has been tainted and we have never in recent memory had a bleaker opinion of our future. Experts forecast, looking forward ten years, Canada with little or no growth and the influx of almost six million refugees from non English-speaking countries (our population is now 47% nonwhite) has caused our standard of living to suffer substantially. This should never be in a country with some of the greatest potential in natural and human resources. Woke and Progressive decisions by the leader of this great country have taken us from a country with a potential of being one of the leaders of the world to a third-rate republic. Our natural resources are among the largest in the world but are left in the ground by a government that is possessed by pronouns and climate change.  Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserves in the world and through corrupt and stupid leadership, is near bankruptcy. Canada has the third or fourth largest natural reserves and we are very close to the same fate.

In 2015 when Trudeau became PM, our debt was $616 billion. Today it is $1.225 Trillion. It has doubled in less than eight years. Each man, woman and child in this country is responsible for $30,962.39. In addition to this, our other governments, provincial and municipal are adding to our grandchildren’s responsibility to pay the Piper. Ontario is at $380 billion debt.  In Ontario, 50% of the budget is for health and education. Bells are ringing in my head that we are being had... The wait times for regular surgeries and procedures is the highest of all in the world. On a personal note, I am waiting for an MRI to tell me if I need to treat a Pancreatic problem. Application for the test was made in Jan. 2024 and my test is scheduled for July 2025. I wait wondering if I will die of pancreatic cancer or something else for 20 months.  Young people are being graduated from our educational institutions not able to read, write or do simple math. They know nothing of our history or social graces but they do know how to screw up their lives with Woke and Progressive ideas taught by left wing socialist teachers and professors.

We are not alone in this dilemma. We only have to look a few miles to the south to see just how nuts our society has become. If Canadians think we are not as bad as the USA, think again.  We are different only because our culture has been tainted with a lack of information allowed through a bribed media and dishonest leaders. Canadian politics and politicians are, let’s put it in a polite Canadian way, “less informative,” or, they lie to us. It is so obvious that Justin and his gang of Woke Progressive nuts need to go. Our election laws could probably do with a little tweaking as well. Electing a leader for four years that only has the support of less than one third of the population does not make any sense. This man will go down in the record books as being another Biden, the worst imaginable.

The following is a part of a news report of this past week.

Canada has… Trillion-Plus Dollar National Debt: In 2015 the national debt was $616 billion and today it is more than $1.2 trillion. The Trudeau government has accumulated more debt than all previous federal governments combined, leaving future generations of Canadians to pick up their tab.

2. No Fiscal Restraint: There have been nine consecutive deficit budgets – including the largest annual deficit recorded in the country’s history with the Trudeau government. Liberal finance ministers Bill Morneau’s and Chrystia Freeland’s record is pockmarked with unbridled spending on bureaucracy, and new and expanding government programs. Annual spending has ballooned 75 per cent and the national debt ceiling has had to be raised twice since 2015.

3. Increased Interest Payments: Interest charges on the national debt are now the fastest growing line item in the federal budget. Canadians now spend more per year ($54.1 billion) on interest payments than on the federal health care transfers to the provinces ($52.1 billion). The dollars spent on interest is money not available for government programs and services from health care to national defence – to paying down the Trudeau government’s debt.

4. Unchecked Fiscal Management: By delaying the tabling of main estimates and introducing increasingly complex budget omnibus bills, the Liberal government has undermined parliament’s longstanding process of validating government expenditures. On this point, Freeland’s 2024 Budget is a 686-page piece of legislation that amends 48 separate Acts of Parliament. The budget bill was tabled last week, and the government has indicated it will invoke closure to ensure the budget will be passed by the end of the month.

5. Enlarged Bureaucracy: Taxpayers are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on Ottawa’s operational costs of bureaucracy (not including pension and perks). The civil service has swelled from 257,000 in 2015 to 357,000 bureaucrats today, which is the greatest number in Canadian history. Remarkably, during the two years of the pandemic and COVID lockdowns, the Ottawa bureaucracy actually grew by 12 per cent. The federal government is the single largest employer in the country.

Thanks to Chris George of The Niagara Independent for this report.

Paul D. Scott                       


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