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Gettin Old and Very Confused


A few of my friends are still around.  We are from an almost forgotten era and are considered by the age group my grandsons belong to, as being from a long lost generation.  If you were born before the second world war, you will know what I am talking about.  Just mention anything from the 30’s and before and you might as well be talking gibberish for all they get out of it. Movie stars and singers were head and shoulders better than the pouty line readers we are saddled with today.  Oh sure, the occasional talent is out there but most have yet to be discovered. I can’t believe that stars that are passing away today are not known by the younger generation. Obviously, they have had their heads buried in their I pod and cellphones for far too long.

I am a people watcher now that there is little else I can do. I watch young people walk into one another on the street.  When they get out of their vehicle the first thing they do is open that phone, it almost would appear that they need their GPS to get from the parking lot to the store.  A group sitting in a restaurant and all in total silence, each one texting away.  I will never have enough friends that want to hear from me daily let alone every hour or so. What do they talk about and to who. Conversation eye to eye is becoming a lost art.

In Canada, we accept kids 18 years old into our armed forces. That is old enough to die for our protection. They must be 19 to drink alcohol or purchase a hunting rifle and when Marihuana becomes legal in a few weeks, our government will tolerate children as young as 12 years old to posses it. We are giving government child benefits up to 25 years old and treating would be adults like children.  Would these facts seem rather contradictive to say the least? Is it any wonder young people are confused? I am talking about the ones that even think of such things?

The world is made up of many religions, we are told that Christianity is the largest but I feel that if there was a survey taken today in North America we would find that the Progressives have done a very good job in changing the minds of a lot of our population.

The Progressive movement is not new. However, many in our society are not aware of it.  It goes back to the years following a world financial breakdown, 1893.  Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson times. It is another con by left wing Liberals to bring our society down to a world of the rich and powerful and the poor that are dependant on government and those who run it. The middle class will be a faint memory.

We are led to believe that to achieve this New World order, Wall Street, big business and the present establishment must be cleaned up and in some cases eliminated. Religion (Christianity) and our present morals that our society has been based on must be eliminated or brought in line with the new religion, Progressivism. This would include Liberal supported abortion rights, euthanasia and same sex marriage. A very complex and difficult subject to explain for there are so many facets of our life that will be changed. If I were a Liberal minded person, my perspective would take on a much different tone and would be in total favour of the direction the Progressive mindsets taking us. However, I think the concept is flawed.  I lean toward the conservatives or Libertarians rather than the Liberal concept of the bigger the government the better off the people will be. The reality is the bigger the government, the better off those in power will be.

As written in the National Post March 23rd. 2018, “Liberals don’t get religious Canadians.”  By Barry W. Bussey. This story is about not signing government forms for funds for the summer youth programs.

 If you do not Know the bible teachings or decide to ignore them, you will act as the Canadian government has by insisting that we all fall in step with it’s false doctrine on abortion, same sex marriage, gender change, gay marriage and legalizing drugs. Free speech and independent thoughts are not for those who take issue with the government.  


Conservatives believe in---        

Protect the family

Defend the Vulnerable

Uphold traditional morality and individual rights and freedoms.


Getting old means that I see things different and being confused shows how an old guy looks at the new ways and just shakes his head in dismay.


Believe it or not, we live in a “Police State”.  Sounds crazy for a Canadian citizen to make such a statement.  If you would like to challenge me, I will direct your attention to a 57-year-old retired steel worker, Randy Fleming.  He was on his way to a Flag Rally in Caledonia Ontario when he was attacked by 5 OPP officers for sighting a riot. His crime was carrying a Canadian flag.  At about the same time Mohawk warriors were burning cars and bridges and public and private property. Strangely enough they were not in any danger of arrest as the police had far more important fish to fry. It is safer to arrest an innocent white guy than risk taking down a mob of unruly savages. Fleming was injured by this bully attack and the other bullies, the untouchables, were never charged.  This is only one of hundreds of stories where we white people are discriminated against by our own government and law enforcement in favour of indigenous stone age ruffians. I am once again confused as to where I am rated as a Canadian senior citizen when compared to the untouchable indigenous population of this country. 


I can’t think of a more irresponsible group of adults than what we have in our midst to-day. They are called politicians.  We are living in the best of times and in a country, that has unlimited wealth in it’s people and its resources.  For the most part, the people work hard and pay their taxes only to have their money spent by elected idiots that when checked out, most would never be able to hold down a regular job. I guess that is why most government jobs come with a guarantee of not ever being fired for anything less than murder or sexual harassment. My province of Ontario has the largest debt per capita of any non-country government in the world, and these dopes are coming out with a new budget that is meant to bribe us with our own money again. Our (debt) to increase even more. In 1994-5 Ontario’s debt was $90.7 Billion—in 2002 it was $132.6 Billion in 2018 it is $288.10 Billion and it is forecast that at the rate we are going the debt in 2022 will be $350.3 Billion dollars. Interest payments this year are almost $1 Billion a month. Financial experts are very gloomy when predicting our future in this land of milk and honey.

We have a prime minister that has only one interest and expertise and that is to legalize Marihuana.  Never mind that our biggest competitor (USA) is lowering taxes and many restrictions on businesses and we are raising taxes and issuing more regulations. Our economic future looks very bleak and no one seems to care.  Mr. Dress up is off on another holiday to take more selfies. What a juvenile he is. So, caught up in himself, very much like his father and mother. I will be even more confused if by some chance my Conservatives blow this next election in Ontario.

How can a premier of this province stand up in public and criticize a member of an opposing party for sexual indiscretions? This woman is a dyke. She discarded her husband and children for another woman. She is responsible for a public-school curriculum that would shame any one with a sense of morals.  She lives in sin and shame every day but has the balls to stand in public with a smile that turns my stomach. How can this be in my Canada?  I am very confused. 

My world has passed me by and for what? I observe more and more young people living in the shadow of their parent’s and grand parent’s wealth which was hard earned in a world of difficult and challenging times.

Life does go on. I fear for the generation of today as they have known no hardship, no failure and never been scolded.  They do not know starvation, lack of money or not having a roof over their heads. They sleep soundly in a warm bed but for how long? This prosperity will probably come to a screaming end and many will not be prepared for that inevitability.

I am old, I admit it and I am also very confused.


Paul D. Scott.





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