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What Next ?

Oct.6th  2021

Where do we go from here when covid is set aside and we have more important fish to fry? Perhaps all will settle into conformity again and we can get back to what-ever was so important two years ago. Attending concerts and games inside and outside, going to church perhaps, although many will never return and most of us were not regular attendants anyways. We will be free to travel and holiday in foreign places.   Things will be rosy-posy again, or will they? I think not.

This covid has caused the world to open its eyes to realize the absolute evil that has taken over every aspect of our lives.  One only has to see the United States and its struggle to adjust to a new administration that only a few citizens favour.   As we look at the total frustration that the majority are facing, seeing their country destroyed before their eyes and not knowing how to avoid its total collapse, we wonder what is the point?  You can’t fight city hall, if it were only city hall we are in a fight with.  Almost every aspect of our society has fallen or been coerced into the “Great Lie” covid19.  More and more stories are coming to light as the pressure is put onto the 10-15% of our population that are holding fast to their enlightened knowledge that the so-called vaccine is not good for our bodies. When a politician or a member of the medical field or a scientist or a media hack or a Hollywood star, all tell you to put an unknown substance into your body without any recourse against the supplier or the authority, and you blindly do it, boggles the mind. 

Politicians       are mostly corrupt or they desire control and power.

Doctors            are threatened with loss of license or they are duped.

Scientists         are at great risk of losing research grants.

Hollywood and media personalities are just plain stupid and corrupt.

So, who would you listen to when your choices have reduced to just a few options? I chose to do some in depth research and listen to my Gut and to doctors and scientists that have been silenced by the authorities for questioning the lack of science for all the illegal and anti-med. Rules placed on the public. Censorship is running rampant in our country and our rights and health have been trampled on in the name of expediency. My body is my domain and the laws of this land up until the last few weeks have given me the freedom to make decisions as to what I put into it. Thousands of hard-working citizens are being forced to put foreign gunk into their bodies that are proven to cause serious health risks and death.  A recent interview with a 13-year veteran with the Emergency Response ambulance group in British Columbia has sighted many experiences such as multiple recordings of a single patient that every time the covid patient was moved to a different stage in the hospital system, the patient would be recorded as a new victim. This is happening thousands of times thus skewing the figures to look far worse than the true facts. He also stated that soon after the second vaccine jabs started to be administered the calls increased to an alarming rate and more and more younger men were taken with heart problems and the death rates increased dramatically. Autopsies of their organs were checked and were shown to be the same as an 86-year-old. This man loves his job, what he has experienced is repeated a thousand times a day and these once heroes that we owe so much to, are now going to lose their jobs and livelihood, brought on by the fact that they know far more about what is going on and must be silenced. The mindset of our country and around the world has been poisoned by the evilest of evils, FEAR. We wear our masks to show our obedience to a that higher power, Lucifer, the devil.

Paul D. Scott    

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