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NA Media Morons 


Oct.16th 2016


Pretty strong language from an old fart that just looks at a situation and draws a senior perspective and observation to comment on.

You would have to be living in a hole this past few months not to have an opinion on the ridiculous situation in US politics.  I have taken the side of Donald Trump from the get go. Only for one reason that he is much less likely to be bought by wealthy silent powers that have taken over the political base of both the parties in the USA and to a certain extent here in Canada. The general population of the USA is beginning to see it even if they don’t quite realize what they are so afraid of. The Clintons have been backed by this power for many years, how else would they have avoided prosecution and jail time without a powerful puppeteer pulling the strings for them? Thousands of citizens calling for Clinton to be jailed at the Trump rallies say volumes about the undercurrent of mistrust in that once great country. This power can’t accomplish its goal of world dominance without the help of the media, and they are getting it in spades from all but a few that call out the truth. Every writer, commentary TV and radio personality, blogger and tweeter is fixed on the ridiculous inappropriate words of an immature man rather than fixing their attention on the important subjects that should be the subject of discussion. The media will fix on this that was probably trumped up nonsense to begin with for 20 minutes and give one or two minutes to the emails of Clinton that were far more important but damning to their puppet.


Dr. Ben Carson has supported Trump and has become a quiet sobering voice for the bombastic Republican candidate. In an interview with two reporters this week,  five interviewers headed by Joe somebody for CNNBC could not get off the subject of Trumps sex accusers. The same over at CNN.  These bozos would not get on with questions of substance regarding the ways to fix the many problems of the times and how the candidates might be compared with their solutions. They just kept harping on Trumps morals. Nothing was mentioned about the morals of the Clinton family. Morals are so important when choosing a president they kept harping. Dr. Carson tried in vain to explain that morals are very important but that subject is not as relevant as the fact that the USA is like a train out of control headed for a cliff of disaster and drastic measures must be made before the issue of who is less or more deviant. There will be no America to rule if we keep ignoring the future as it will be if steps aren’t taken to stop this train. He almost pleaded for questions of substance with no understanding to his plea. These robots have one agenda and that is to put another Clinton in the White house as the puppet of the Oligarch’s.

“Oligarch’s”   Webster dictionary   ---   State ruled by a few in power.

Hey, this is the way I see it, and I am older than you.

Paul D. Scott. 



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