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R-U Ready 4 Hell on Earth?

October 2016



The signs of the end times have never been clearer. If you are a Christian and believe that you have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ who died for your sins, then you know very well what I am talking about. If you are not a believer then this message is for you.

 Never in the history of this fragile world has mankind taken such a drastic reversal from a God fearing society to one that has all but rejected our God. We are living in an age of “anything goes.” In the past 40 years our western society has rejected the Sanctity of life for a more convenient approach. If an unwanted child is going to be an inconvenience to our life style, why not just abort it. If at the time of a birth  you decide you don’t want the responsibility of a child, why not be rid of it by throwing it in a dumpster and claim temporary insanity?   Feticide and abortion are the worst crimes possible where a mother destroys her own flesh and blood, her child.   And now, Euthanasia is becoming the law which has proven to be the beginning of a slippery slide in European countries that are practicing it. How can a society have peace when it turns against its own species in murder? Where are the Christians? Why is there not a ground swell to fight against these terrible sins?  In our own Creation, are we rejecting God and becoming our own God, accepting man’s laws and rejecting God’s laws.

We are now legalizing weed (marijuana) even in spite of the fact that its use is the introduction to far more deadly drugs.

If you are about to stop reading because this offends you, you may be making the biggest mistake of your life. Bear with me for just a few more lines.

Have you heard of the GREAT TRIBULATION?  Do you know about the RAPTURE?  What do they mean and in what order do they manifest themselves? How will you be affected by these Bible prophesies and forecasted events? Many believe it will happen in this generation.

One program we watch regularly on Vision TV is called “Turning Point” with Dr. David Jeremiah. On Sunday Sept. 11th his 1st sermon in a series of 10 was to be called “Is this the end?” We received an email saying the series was restricted by Canada. Vision TV denies knowing anything about the change in programming. Are we again being protected by big brother (our government) by censorship of programs of a religious nature? A few months ago Mark Stein won a case against Canada in the courts for having his book censored. Being the curious one, I made sure I saw the program through my computer. I neither saw nor heard anything I already did not know. Is our government quietly following many in this country and mounting pressure against we Christians?

I am a Pragmatic guy, while growing up in a Baptist church and hearing from the church elders and my parents that if I believed that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, I would be spared the terrible Tribulation and would be caught up in the Rapture to be with our maker in Heaven. I also believe that as written in my Bible, the Jewish nation is God’s chosen people. Knowing this and believing it, why would anyone want to take a chance by going against God’s word and his laws?  The penalty is far too extreme and awful to take a chance.

Dr. Jeremiah explained that all Christians will be caught up in the Rapture to be surrounded by earthly family and friends living and dead as we would all enter the gates of Heaven to enjoy our heavenly home together. This is when Jesus Christ comes to take his followers away from what is about to happen, world war 3.  No one knows the time that this will happen but it surely will be before the Tribulation.  The Tribulation will be a virtual Hell on earth for 7 years following the Great War and 2/3rds. of the world’s population will be destroyed. Russia and China will gather the Middle East countries to come from the north to destroy Israel. God will intervene at the last moment and Israel will be saved, millions of her enemies will be destroyed. The world will endure seven years of tribulation, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes flooding and fires, plagues and so much pain for those left behind that they will wish they had been taken by the war. Much more is forecast in the bible in Revelations and the book of Daniel.

Following the 7 years of Tribulation, Jesus will return to re claim his people and to reign for 1000 years on earth.

 I look forward to nine more programs coming up over the next nine weeks.

Many Christians have fallen into a life of Apathy. Dr. Jeremiah explained the word as derived from “pathos” which is passion and “A “means no.  We have lost our passion for our once deep Christian beliefs.

The Bible teaches that for those that choose to follow the Lord Jesus and call themselves Christians, they will be scorned and ridiculed by the world. I have experienced some of that since moving to our new home south of Toronto. I am sure this writing will bring more. However, there are so many that I love and want to at least offer this message to that I feel it is worth it. If only one precious  soul comes to the peace of mind that there is a place set aside for them in heaven and away from all this world’s pain and suffering. It will be worthwhile. 


Love and Peace to all who read this.   AMO   Paul D. Scott.

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