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Next? July 30th/22

My last writing of July 22 was asking, what are we as a society going to do to overcome or at least show our colours in this battle against Satan and his desire to rule the world. We know who is on our side and who will ultimately win. We know that God has given his Angel of Death and Sin, free will to try to bring as many humans under his control and away from God’s path as he can, but who are these evil soldiers?

When I would have grade 8 classes from our village school come to our home in Kirkfield for a Canadian History talk, many were farm kids and knew all about hunting.  What is the first thing you need when going hunting, was my question to them and the answer of course is, a target. We must know our enemy and focus on either changing these wayward souls or defeating their agenda. There are far too many in Satan’s army to name them also let’s focus on the generals or want-a-be Global Masters.

The first name that comes to mind is a German that has all the features of a Nazi murderer.  His name is Klaus Schwab, this man is the architect and founder of The World Economic Forum WEF. Schwab has convinced much of the wealthiest companies, foundations, governments, politicians and billionaires to join him on his quest for World dominance.

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau is one of the WEF’s fair haired boys that follow Schwab’s playbook to the letter. Along with Canada’s second in command Chrystia Freeland, Ms. Freeland is a spokesperson for the organization WEF and a member of its Board. Schwab claims over 50 of Canada’s elected MPs are under his thumb. Is it any wonder that when over 1000 Canadians signed a petition for an investigation on the WEF and Canada’s connection, the response was, there is nothing here to see. Every Canadian that treasures our way of life and our freedoms should be suspicious of a Prime Minister whose father was a Communist sympathizer.  Take your choice, Castro or Trudeau, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the most powerful men on the planet. He makes decisions impacting millions without ever being elected. He is the highest paid civil servant in the USA and has advised the world he will be retiring in 2025 with an annual pension of $414,000.00. He has been responsible for thousands of deaths around the world for many decades and has caused the human race much anguish and suffering for the sake of power, influence and wealth. It is estimated that he has personally distributed over one billion US dollars on his quest. It is anyone’s guess how much he has skimmed off that figure.

Bill Gates – Known for many years as a nerdy guy that got lucky at Microsoft and made billions. His father started Planned Parenthood, his mother was influential at IBM and arranged for the boy wonder to get a foot hold at the burgeoning Microsoft. This background has afforded Gates to follow his father in the quest to reduce the population of the world and attain enormous power and control. Next to the US federal government, Gates is the largest landholder of American soil. His endeavors to take control of much of Africa and India using plant seed control has been devastating to these countries. Sterilization of thousands of young African girls is another activity of which he is known to be a part.

George Soros – Worth about 8 Billion $. Born in 1930 in Budapest Hungary and the son of a Nazi sympathizer. George’s fortune was started from the spoils of the Jewish people gassed by the Nazis. His wealth today is founded on death and corruption.  Soros is known for giving millions to causes that are ultimately destabilizing our society. I am referring to the Open Society Foundation, the Tides Foundation, BLM and dozens more. Soros is behind the buying off of judges and politicians and corrupting countries into bankruptcy to further his power and wealth. Delving into this corrupt demon has opened up a Pandora’s box on our politics here in Canada.  PM Trudeau and especially Chrystia Freeland, our deputy PM and Minister of Finance is very involved with Soros and the WEF. It is thought that hundreds of millions of Canadian Tax money is being funneled through legitimate companies to the WEF and many of Soros’ Foundations. Are our leaders conspiring with Soros and possibly others to bring Canada down to a third world country begging the rest of the world for food and oil like Venezuela. Is there a conspiracy to undermine Canadian democracy? Is Freeland with all her outside interests in Ukraine and a one world society WEF and Soros like the ‘Fox in the Henhouse’, does she not have a conflict of interest? Is there a breach of ethics or does that even matter anymore in this new society?

I have only scratched the surface of what is happening in front of our eyes, if there is even a glimmer of suspicion of what might be going on in our midst that does not make sense, there probably is a sinister act in the works.  We must be vigilant at all times and trust in our inner feelings. The fight is on and we can’t be complacent.


Paul D. Scott

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