"A Decade of Memories" covers the ten year period that we owned The Sir William Mackenzie Inn, in Kirkfield Ontario and restored the Original 1888 Homestead to a Five Star Bed and Breakfast.  We also shared our home with a number of ghosts.  This book is available - use Contact Page

This Book is available to purchase.  Read an excerpt on the feature page and be sure to contact us through the Contact Page

"The Drummer" is a book that relates my life experiences that was written for my family.  

The Cover above tells the story of "The Victorian Garden". My Grandmother was 16 to 18 years of age when she wrote her Journal (1886 to 1888).

Also available for purchase. Use the contact page to let us know you would like to purchase.

Also available for purchase. Request a copy by using the Contact Page.

This little book is a natural extension of a previous book “A Decade of Memories”, where I touched on the world of the Paranormal.  Many who have read this book asked for more explanation and stories about ghosts, and living in a mansion with almost 30 known spirits.

We have all experienced times and events in our lives, happenings that we just can’t explain or understand. This book has some stories that have crossed my path over the years. I don’t feel it would be fair to tell the story without at least trying to come up with an explanation to the questions the story produces, and that is going to be the challenge. The purpose of writing this book is to share with the reader, my stories, my questions, and the answers if I can find them.


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This book is an attempt to determine what

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They say “Curiosity Killed the Cat”

I say “The Cat is a lot smarter for being so curious.”

Paul D Scott