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Be Yourself

October 1st 2021

I have been having some trouble getting to sleep these past few months as my head refuses to take a break. The slightest unusual sound like my wife snoring or that occasional train getting a little hyped with its obnoxious horn at 3:00AM, will set me off until dawn. A few nights ago, I asked my God to help me see more clearly my purpose in this life and why I have been spared from no less than two encounters with death. There may have been others but I am sure of two. Many times, in the past, I have asked the same question and if I received an answer, I didn’t hear or recognize it. This time was different. My head filled with the answer that I was not at all capable of understanding.  (BE YOURSELF) (BE YOURSELF) repeated in my head until I was fully awake and ready to take on the challenge as to what this strange answer meant.

Many ideas came flowing to me and I am hopeful I can remember the wisdom of some of them. One that stands out as I go to my memory bank is that God gave us a body that he holds dear to him as this body was molded just for me. No one else has one that is identical. My exterior and my interior are so unique that to this day the best brains have never been able to fully understand how it works. God made us in his image and loves us as his own. So why do we reject his laws?  When I ask myself, how can I be myself, what does one do to be who one is? I have to really do some self-analyzation and that is going to be difficult. My grandson called me the other day to own up to the fact that he had gotten a tattoo and while it was a small one, he was concerned that his grandparents might be upset. This showed that for him, this was not a natural thing to do and while he could not find anywhere in the bible that forbade tattoos, he was still of the mind that our God may not want us to blemish his work of art with worldly ink on his perfect canvas. The bible does say that we should avoid adorning our body.  In any case, when I was a boy, we only saw tattoos when our sailor boys returned from the war with an anchor or the name of a one-night stand emblazoned in blue ink on the arm. Nothing like some of the art work we see to-day.  While very talented artists are doing this to the body’s of young people, it repulses me.

 As my life from the time I was 16 years old, has been in sales, I have been in many secular and worldly situations in many places around the world. I have had many Gay and homosexual friends and never have I felt uncomfortable in their presence. However, the LGBTQA++bunch are getting out of the park with their demands for society to bend to the miniscule numbers that are wagging the dog’s tail. Changing our language from for instance not woman any more but to “a person with a vagina” is getting too much for this old fart. I suppose the argument could be made by these people that they are being themselves but I don’t think God has this in mind for me. I am quite happy with my non baby birthing body.

I know that over the years in my maturing I have gotten further away from my God and I think he is trying to waken me up to the place of a small child seeking his mother’s approval by being better behaved and for me, being myself.

Paul D. Scott

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