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In God / Gov.  we trust?

Dec 4th, 2021

Where do you put your trust?  In God or in your government?

I am the last one to say that all the answers of life are to be found in the Bible. I was given a Bible when just a child and when I was old enough to want to read it or at least have the guilt that I should read it, I tried but did not understand the words at all. The St. James version written many years ago was to a small lad, just too much.  Children’s Bibles are translated for the young now and are made to tell the stories in terms that are understandable. From a very early age, children growing up in a Christian home in the 1930’s and 40’s learned from our parents the basic Bible stories and little more. To-day we have so many more ways to learn if we want to enlighten ourselves. However, are we too busy with our human desires to want to hear what God wants for us or for him?  Gods’ words have been ignored for a long time since they have been removed from our schools, our courts, our government proceedings and in general from our day to day lives. We are too busy to bother ourselves with what was the foundation of our society, the Ten Commandments. The surprising thing that many do not remember is, there are actually more commandments. Exodus 20. Remember how they went? First there are “Commandments relating to God” I am the Lord your God ---- You shall have no other Gods before me ---- You shall not make any other carven images or likeness ---- You shall not bow down to them ---- You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain ---- Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy ---- These commandments have been abbreviated.

“Commandments relating to MAN”

Honour your father and mother, -----

You shall not Murder.

You shall not commit adultery

You shall not steal

You shall not commit false witness ----

You shall not covet your neighbor’s house or wife ----

Look further to Matthew 5 & 6 for what Jesus said of his laws for mankind.

Our whole western culture has been molded to conform to these laws and we have been richly blessed for trying to keep them. Take heed, when civilizations stray from God’s commands, they fail. We in Canada and the USA and around the world are on the brink of failure.  The future always has shadows of things to come, we need to be aware that the shadows have made themselves apparent to some and the warnings are out there. A new world is now in the making by evil men with the devil pushing the agenda. You have by now heard the phrases -

“The great reset” “build back better”  

These are the words of the want-a-be architects of a new world, one world with no boundaries, one head of one national government that will have total control over all who fall under his demonic leadership. When man started to think he was equal to God as King Nimrod who built idols of his likeness in Babylon to be worshiped in place of God. That is when God confused man and caused humanity to have many different languages. Countries[PS1]  were established and borders set down to enclose and separate the different unique languages and people. This was God’s plan, not the planning of man. What we see happening on the U.S. southern border is one of the shadows we should not ignore.  

The world has had a mass psychosis, a killing of the brain and a Rape of the mind. These are not my words but that of world scholars, look it up (Academy of  If the scholars of the Bible are true to their words, Christian’s believing that Jesus was the son of God and died on the cross that we will have everlasting life with him, will not see all of the carnage the world has to endure.  We will be caught up into the sky called “The Rapture” to be with all that have passed before us. This prophesy has been foretold but no one knows when this will happen. The timing of this great event has not even been hinted in all the scriptures.

 Are you aware of what is happening in your community, your country, the world? Do you not see that in the past two years our life style has changed? If you are completely vaccinated (vaccines are generally supposed to make you immune to a virus) this is a genetic modification and should be called what it is. It does not stop you from getting the covid strains nor does it keep you from transferring them, it does however, reduce your natural immune system thus making you more susceptible to many other harmful diseases such as cancer and heart failure.  Fear and the lack of information that does not agree with government policy, the media, big pharmacy and big money have all made it almost impossible for a rational discussion and debate. This was how science worked in the past before health care was taken over by outside powers and government. The lust for control, wealth and power has created a new world of censorship and fear.

So, the question must be faced by each and every person, where am I going to put my trust?  In God or in man. If you make the choice of man, look around and pick your team, then ask, how has that worked out so far?  After two years of promises made and broken and still social distancing and masks and boosters, hospitals are now filling up with double jab patients (60%) - (Australia has faith in man and have just ordered enough vaccine to jab everyone in the country 14 times into the future). How is that going for them? They are force jabbing their indigenous population and herding them into concentration camps. Is this what we have to look forward to here in Canada?

Dr. Andrew Fauci has been the American leader in the fight against covid. Who better to fight this dreaded plague than the man who developed it, marketed it and has made millions selling gene therapy disguised as vaccine, as well as setting himself up as the most powerful man in North America? His recommendations over the past 18 months have been less than stellar. The death rate taken from reliable sources a few months ago when the U.S. inoculation rate was about 55 – 60% was the highest in the world compared to Tanzania the lowest in the world - as shown. 

Vax. rate       U.S.A.   approx.   55%  -   Deaths 2,107   per  1,000.000

Vax. rate    Tanzania approx.  1.5%  -   Deaths .086   per  1,000.000 

Let us all follow this man Fauci or perhaps Bill Gates who has supported Fauci with a lot of money and support. Perhaps Joe Biden or Justen Trudeau or Klaus Schwab.

My money is on a much higher power, so far, these light weights are no match for the love and compassion my heavenly Father has for his own. I’ll choose my God.

I have had a few friends express the wish to not be on my mailing list when talking about covid and all the many aspects this subject can encompass. Some can’t face the fact that they may have made a stupid mistake in taking the first shot in the first place. No one should fault a person when trying to protect their family and self from harm when so much pressure is put forward by trusted authorities. I get it, No one was more enthused about a quick fix than myself. However, many things started to cause me to hesitate and after eighteen months of research and just plain curiosity, I feel that I made the right choice for me and I have no regrets. This is not to say my decision would apply to anyone else. We all have the right to make our own minds up for the good of number one. However, I do object to mandates from government and non-government that can make me put foreign objects into my body that I object to for whatever reason. When society is restrained by force or collusion to do what one feels is dangerous to their body, I draw the line.   So where do we go from here.

 I have just finished a very inspirational book under the title “Where do we go from here?”  It is the latest of many books written by Dr. David Jeremiah based on the prophesies pertaining to the last days prior to the coming back to earth of Jesus Christ. I am also reading Robert F. Kennedy’s new best seller “The Real Anthony Fauci” When combining these two books, it gives one an overview of what has happened in the past and what is in store for mankind in the future.  Everyone with concerns for their future and the wellbeing of the human race should take the time to do a little research and find out for themselves. Learn the real story.

Paul D. Scott







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