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Hateful Mean People

Dec. 23/21


For the most part, Canadians are decent, law abiding, generous and tolerant.  Covid has however, brought out a side of some of us that is astonishingly evil.  The world has been taken over by this evil and for Christians that have a basic knowledge of our Bible teachings, we know that in the end times, evil will encompass the earth and this will be the time for us to take sides as to where we stand, a loving God or a demonic Satin. Since the year 2000, church attendance has dropped from 45% to 20%. That is not to say that only 20% of all Canadians love and know their God. However, it is an indicator as to what direction we are headed. I took a stand many months ago that this covid 19 was a start of something far bigger than I could have imagined at the time. It all sounded confused and definitely not medically sound.  Our government (not to be trusted) was going against Pfizer’s own protocol for the distribution of a vaccine that was in many cases suspect even though it was brought on by the Trump administration and much needed. It seemed our whole medical system was on hold for our only savior “a vaccine”.  Little did we know that many renowned scientists and doctors, (Dr. Peter McCullough) being in the forefront were trying to establish a protocol for patients in their initial stages of covid to be treated. None was available nor did those in authority have one except to advise the patient to wait at home, drink fluids and take aspirin until they were unable to breath and then it was in most cases too late. Many doctors were appalled that there was nothing to guide them in doing what their oath requires, care.  The hospitals, in many cases over ventilated patients resulting in thousands of deaths that should have been treated early. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine had been used in many countries with outstanding results but by this time were banned in the USA and Canada. I am aware of this as I tried to purchase them but Doctors and Pharmacists were threatened to lose their license if they sold or prescribed them. We went so far as to order from Switzerland about $600.00 U.S. of Ivermectin and this order was stopped at customs. We had to scramble for our money to be returned.  Weeks later the government of Canada sent us a letter explaining that we had ordered drugs to be imported that were illegal in Canada. These are drugs that have been prescribed to million with no adverse effect and with outstanding results, legal, up until they would work on covid and displace the only authorized medication for the treatment of covid 19, vaccines.  Yes, any vaccine, but to this date it is still the law.  Smell a Rat yet? If you say no then and you are not able to pull yourself away from the rest of the public majority, take heart. You are among the majority that are written up by a study at John Hopkins that predicts in a statement that there will be a mass hypnosis around the world. It will begin with four stages, a pandemic, isolation, withdrawal, and only one cure.  Sound familiar? John Hopkins seems to have struck a note, the only thing is, they predicted this all to happen in the year 2025. Let’s hope this past two years has not been a rehearsal.

 I mentioned Dr. Peter Mc Cullaugh, he is a very respected authority and has written more published papers on covid in all the medical publications than anyone else, over 600, but has been ignored by the big pharma and the present medical establishment corrupted by the media and very powerful money.  He is only one of hundreds that are starting to take on the corrupt led by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins, the FDA and CDC and WHO and not to be left out Bill Gates and many others.  On a local note, we have our own star performer in our very own Ontario chief medical officer Dr. Kieran Moore.  A paid friend of Pfizer and a real fan of the vaccine. Dr. Moore just got a raise in salary from we Ontarians to a whapping $412,637.00 per year. This guy has never treated a covid patient but sure knows how to boss the rest of us around.

If these statistics still do not make you wonder about what is going on in this world, you may be one of the Hateful and mean people I have encountered on my experience over the past two years. More and more are playing into the evil plot to divide and conquer by separating the unvaxed from the vaxed. There are many reasons for a person to stand up against most of his friends, family and the establishment. Religious beliefs, health complications, natural Immunity, skepticism in the system, medical knowledge and many more. Proof is now out even for the sceptics, proof shows that an unvaccinated person is no more a threat than a vaccinated person. Both can get and spread covid so why are some still on the old story that is so far from the truth? There are more and more using false narratives to divide us.  Very good friends have told me that our relationship will be terminated until I get the jabs. Dianne Francis in the National Post has agreed with some friends that unvaxed should not only lose many of our freedoms but if we get the covid, we should be treated like citizens of Singapore and not receive healthcare unless we pay for it.  A lost Canadian, David Frum of the Atlantic has expressed similar feeling that the unvaxed should be treated last. These are the hateful and mean in our midst. The big problem is that no number of facts or total ridiculous and unthinkable actions that are so obvious will change the minds of these walking dead. They are as the writers at John Hopkins medical center have said, these are the mass hypnosis people. Are they on their way to hell? It is hoped that some sanity will occur and we can get back to being a God-fearing country once again.

Paul D. Scott

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