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Oct. 16th. 2023

When we hear of all the atrocities in the world today, we have the tendency to do what first comes to mind and that is to give back with a response that is not appropriate for a Humanist or a Child of God. The Bible teaches tolerance in all things and God has said that it is not for man to punish sins against man but that God will do his judging in good time and in his way. I am not sure how far we as a society, are to take this but I do know that man is not fulfilling his role on earth by judging and meeting out similar pain and suffering to the perpetrator.  We in a civilized world have laws that are to protect the general public. The question is to what extent. That has been the unanswered question over the years.

The case in point is the recent action of Hamas against Israel. No one can condone the inhumane actions against innocent women and children in the recent attacks. This is the time for constraint and reflection. I have never completely understood the words of Jesus when he said, “turn the other cheek”.  There are so many complicated issues here that it is nearly impossible to come to a rational conclusion as to the best response, but I know one thing, it is not to kill more innocent women and children. Ideally, civilians should be kept out of wars and the fighting. Let the men do the job without the complications of civilians getting in the way. That went out with the sword and shield.

Word on the street is that Israel knew of the planned invasion and let it happen to give them the excuse to clear out Hamas and go after Iran before they completed their nuclear program. If that is a fact, it puts a different light on the whole picture of the beginning of a third World War. As a Christian, my feelings are for the Israelites as I have written many times in the past that I fear that many Muslim nations are out to annihilate Jews and Christians.  A world war is imminent and probably in our generation but no one knows the hour.  That is God’s plan and it will start with an invasion from the north on Israel. Are we entering what many have been predicting as the beginning of  the  last days? If so, we must be prepared for a much different world. It is said that Israel will be exhausted and ready to declare defeat, drained of all of all its resources and with enemies surrounding them from all sides. The Bible declares that God intervenes and vanquishes all of Israel’s enemies. God is now in control. Bible prophesy in the book of Revelation is now to be fulfilled.

When will the Rapture take place? Many Bible scholars say, after or during this conflict. And others claim that all Christians, living and dead will be taken to Heaven prior to this horrific war.  The Globalists are getting closer and closer to attaining their agenda, a siege against the world. Humanists must stand firm to their principals to protect all mankind. All nations, colour and religion, all humanity is created by our Heavenly Father and are equal in his eyes. Perhaps this is what is meant by "turning the other cheek".


Paul D. Scott 

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