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Humour ?  The Joker is Wild !


Some of my first attempts to write were experiences, feelings and observations through my life that in my eyes seemed funny. In some cases, the story could not be retold to sound as funny as it really was.  Life was sweet and full of humour.  The first word in my title, humour and many more with that pesky “U” will confuse the American reader and our new generation that take delight in shortening all words possible. However, we British that are left from the old world still like to labour our language with that pesky “U”. It’s hard to find humour and a laugh in this present world. My dear sweet wife of more than 65 years is on me all the time to write something funny. I just can’t find humour in this world of treachery, lies, deceit, debauchery, pain and suffering, and the killing of our most treasured, our babies. In Canada, the killing goes far beyond the children that are slaughtered by legal abortion. We are now being encouraged to fill our babies with unknown “so-called” vaccines, to be correct “gene therapy”. Covid did eliminate many hundreds of thousands of our seniors, but hardly any children. Now we are encouraging the premature demise of more with our most demonic laws called “Maid”.  In my world where social conversation was practiced daily and dialogue on all subjects was encouraged and enjoyed. Covid for me and I assume many others, has eliminated from our lives a great deal of humour.  The cell phone while very handy and convenient has had a terrible negative effect on all society but especially on our young people. I thought that if I were proficient in my communication skills and could send an email and talk with a semblance of rational on the telephone, I would be able to keep up and have a meaningful dialog with my grandsons.  Not so! Because of my tremors and especially in my hand movements, I am restricted from texting. I have learned that if you are not a texter, you are not of this world.

STOP - a bit of levity, I rarely look in the mirror any more. At my age, I learn to wait until I am properly clothed.  Before I lost 80 pounds, someone commented that I had few wrinkles for a man of my age. I was quite flattered, but I knew that it was because I had lots of stuffing to push out the wrinkles.  Now, I realize how truer words were never spoken. I am abundantly wrinkled; Prunes look good beside me.

What started me on this rant was a statement from the humourless Anthony Fauci. If you thought he was in jail somewhere, think again. After being responsible for the deaths and discomfort of billions of people on this earth, he is as free as a bird and spreading his fairy dust to impact our lives once again, if you let him.  Peter Daszak and Fauci are teaming up again for another onslaught against humanity. Daszak is the president of Eco Health Alliance and was the facilitator that illegally moved millions of U.S. $ from Fauci through the EHA to the Wuhan Labs in China.

The notice reads from a post from Meryl Nass. - merylnass@sul


  They were crafting a narrative that would be indelibly etched on all of us to the trauma and severity of the pandemic.

  What was the narrative?

+  Climate change and over population are driving humans and animals together, causing spillover of viruses from animals to humans.

+  Spillover is a natural event, termed a zoonosis

+   Anyone who thinks pandemics come from labs is a conspiracist theorist

+  It is our fault that pandemics occur, we should be prepared to change our lifestyle to protect ourselves against them.

Fauci and Daszak are still trying to convince the world that wild bats, not the Wuhan lab was the source of covid 19.

When I read this trash, I had to laugh out loud. Who in their right mind will fall again for this nonsense? Is this today’s Humour?

Batman and Robin had a serious adversary. His name was The Joker. He was evil. That was fictional but we have a real Joker. He is the devil and out to deceive the World. Beware of his many forms.

If jokes are a form of humour, then the world for the most part is being played like a well-tuned fiddle. The following are just a few jokes being played on our race by the biggest Joker on earth, the devil.   E.g. Climate change is humanity’s greatest enemy, Co2 is our enemy, *(every human being expels 2 pounds of Co2 daily,) and plants thrive on it, fossil fuels must be eliminated, *(carbon is an essential element for human life), electric vehicles are safer, cheaper and better for the climate, chemtrails are not real, Vaccines are our future, Transgenderism, “Maid” and abortion on demand is good for society, wars are good for our economy, the medical community should do away with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of covid and its variables, you will own nothing and you will be happy. 

The world as we knew it has vanished before our eyes. We are confronted daily by dozens of Hitlers. Rumours and conspiracies of all sorts, but all wanting mankind to change to accommodate a “New World Order” that will eliminate the middle class, indenture the poor and make the minority wealthy even richer.  Sounds pretty good for the Obamas, Clintons, Gates, Gores, Soros, Karl Schwab, Faucis, Zuckerberg and most of the gang from Silicon Valley and among those who are aligned with the devil. We should be cautioned when dealing with these people. None of us deal directly with the rich and famous but they all influence our lives daily, so beware and be informed.

Years ago, we allowed left-wing teachers and professors into our schools. They had a secret agenda, even secret to themselves in many cases that would eventually bring down our society.  Left wing radicals are emerging from our schools with evil in their hearts and minds. University professors with tenure are exposing their true character with their words of hate against the Jewish community while endorsing socialism. These people must be silenced or at least muted so they are not able to influence our children’s open minds.

This has turned out to be not so funny. However, our future looks pretty scary without humour, so let’s start smiling a bit more with a sense of curiosity and a laugh when we see and hear the ridiculous statements from these outsiders. Response to loud mouthed reactionaries using laughter, shows how ridiculous they sound and can be very effective in putting them down.  

The Joker is wild and among us. Know him and reject his evil ways.


Paul D. Scott             

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