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This Changing World

You should know before you go any further that I am an old fart and have some very old fashioned thoughts about just everything you as a young person or a Progressive or a non thinker could imagine. I am afraid that I stand pretty much alone in my thought process as I never hear any conversation that bears me out in what I am going to say. I am tired of sitting quietly back and watching my brethren making total fools of themselves by not speaking out against so much nonsense going on around us.  Let’s start with the small stuff!

Why do young men think they are so cool when they totally ignore their appearance by not shaving for weeks on end?  Many look as if they have just immerged from the bush after wrestling bears for two weeks. Their hair knotted and sticking in all directions, looking as if a bath or shower would be in order.  Or the younger crowd of the male species will be seen sauntering down the streets of town with their trousers dragging on the ground, their crotch at their knees and underwear or worse, their plumber’s crack for all to observe. What baffles me is that some very good looking guys try so desperately to comply with the peer pressure when it is obvious they are incapable of growing much more than a few straggly lonely hairs on a chin. Some media stars are guilty of this. I have to conclude that it is only because the opposite sex likes it and that says volumes about our society.

What is it with tattoos? Years ago sailors would come home from months at sea with a reminder of a loved one to return to. A heart or an anchor with a girl’s name.  To-day, if you are without a tattoo, you are in the minority. It seems to me that somewhere in the bible God frowns on the defacing of his perfect work, our bodies.  When I was a boy, I would be in awe when looking at pictures in the National Geographic magazines of coloured natives from the jungles of Africa or the remote forests of the Amazon. Half naked, we wondered if these people were really human when it was shown how they mutilated their bodies by piercing their ears and tongues and lips and various other body parts. This is common now in our so called enlightened society. A growing business is emerging now to remove unwanted tattoos, perhaps we are getting smart.

Why do we allow the innocence of a child be taken away as early as 4 and 5 years of age by allowing our educators to start the journey of sex education in the classroom?  Why do we allow child sex predators to be in positions of power to endorse these laws? My province of Ontario, Canada is doing just this very thing and not being challenged by the media. 

In Florida where I reside for the winter months, the newspapers are full of people smiling and happy that finally the Federal government has mandated the legalization of same sex marriage. Churches will be required to perform marriage ceremonies and municipalities must issue marriage licenses even though a majority of the community may not be in favour of this law. The state has gone ballistic through the media, much like it did when Obama was elected, and we all know how that worked out.

I would like to see our society return to the core values we once had.  Not so much to the point where we are naive but respect the laws of nature. When a nation or a society loses its way and forgets that there is a supreme power called God, and that he has set down rules for us to follow, no amount of law enforcement will be enough to hold back anarchy.

Paul D. Scott

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