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Science/Political Control                                                                        May 5th 2020


At the beginning of this Corona 19 virus the world,especially our political leaders were only too happy to follow the expert’s advice and at the time we were dealing with a totally unknown plague that had the potential of killing millions. The models were showing that the USA would see one to two million deaths. With the help of the media and the internet, panic engulfed most of the world and for the first time in history the world economy was closed down in a heart beat. We were told that this was to protect the hospitals from being overwhelmed with a flood of patients. When the curve reaches a level plateau, the economy and everyone will return to normal. Science was in control and it was the only way that made sense.

“Who”, the World Health Organization was set up for just this kind of problem and it was prudent at the time to listen to the irinstructions. This was our first mistake. In spite of the fact that the US gives half a billion dollars and China only about thirty-eight million to this organisation, WHO was in communist China’s pocket and taking it’s lead from Beijing. Much of what was coming out of Who was totally bios giving China the upper hand for the future.

The rate of new cases and the death tolls have leveled off, the hospitals for most communities never reached the levels predicted and yet we are still in a lock down with more restrictions from some power-hungry leaders. Politicians of all stripes find power and control infectious, and once in their hands for many, it is hard to remove. Science has advanced greatly and many have come up with new techniques and medicines. Research around the world is telling us that what we thought we knew was false and that this virus is far more infectious than we knew but far less deadly, good news and bad news. More of us have had or have it and will never know it. The first models were not even remotely close to the actual numbers. New research has shown, children seem to be immune to it and only in rare cases transmit it. People with respiratory, heart, obesity and diabetes are at high risk and the elderly by virtue of their age are also at risk. However, in Ontario we are going to be held back from returning to work for some time to come because they are not listening to the new science. No changes in the foreseeable future from our leaders.  Would it not be prudent to allow the majority of our men and women that are not at an elevated risk level, back to a normal life and the rest of us that are high risk to remain in confinement?  Science has now been replaced by political decisions that normally only benefit the politicians.

Mr. Ford, we need a plan for getting back to a normal life. Regular health and mental problems have been neglected. Some have been enduring pain and discomfort for months because of health and dental procedures needed that have not been addressed. Thousands of us need to be working and not forced to depend on the government hand outs. The longer we wait the harder it will be to get our economy back on track. Many small businesses and families will never recover. If we are not working, we are not paying taxes. Eventually there will be no jobs and no hand-outs, then what?

Paul D. Scott



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