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Recently, Franklin Graham, son of the televangelist Christian speaker Billy Graham came out with a statement that should have rocked the western world, but didn’t. It didn’t even make a ripple on the worldly news scene. I would guess that everyone knows the President of the United States is not a Christian, but who could argue on his behalf with the dismal record he has created for himself over the past few years. For many, this person has done more to bring the United States down than any one could imagine in their most perverted dreams. No one has subjected more lies on a people and more debt and more broken promises and yet has a Lemming like following it would seem to the end.  Democrats,


You are not Liberals or democrats, your stripes have been changed to read Progressives. Like it or not, to follow your leader you are going down a path of destruction, a path of immorality and all that goes against the tenants of this once great Christian land.  If you can’t see it, you had better start paying attention.

Now for the kicker, Franklin Graham reported this, “When nations reject Biblical laws and principals and turn their back on God”, the end is near. The attorney general Eric Holder is imposing a new morality, which is in fact, no morality at all. Try to find a reference to North America in the bible. The book of Revelations predicts  the end times but for some strange reason we are not mentioned.

I am not an American citizen, I am Canadian and still proud to be one. I have spent almost 1/2 of my last 30 years in this great country observing your culture, your economy, your people and your politics. I do have feelings for those of you that are wondering what happened to your country. You are probably wondering what you can do. Can you speak out and make a difference?  Yes, but perhaps not for long. This life of freedom that we treasure may be short lived if we as Christians don’t stand up for our rights.

My province in Canada, Ontario, for as long as I can remember was the driving force for our great country. Industry small and large, agriculture, tourism, quality of life and jobs were all at the top of the list for Ontarians. Our province was the engine of the country and was well oiled by fiscally responsible conservative leadership. If you were immigrating to North America and wanted a better life for yourself, Ontario was the place to come. Not so for the last decade or more. Socialism reared its ugly head in the form of a fellow named Bob Rae. He promised far more than he could deliver and took our province into the depths of debt like we had never seen. Liberals followed on his heels after a short but fruitless try by Mike Harris [Conservative] to bring the land back to reality.

When a population tastes the freebees and when there are enough to overrun sanity, anarchy prevails and then there are more at the pig trough than there are filling it. That is where we are now with a corrupt Progressive government under the leadership of Cathleen Wynn. Ontario is now a have not province, we stand with our hand out every year for equalization payments. Our debt is higher per person than California and they are on the verge of going bankrupt.  Ontario, once envied by the world for its hydro electric power, its reliability and low cost was second to none, it is now one of the highest in the free world.  Niagara Falls production of electricity is being reduced in favour of far higher rates from windmills. Our government must have some inside deals with wind power magnets while many families are faced with a choice of heating their homes or putting food on the table.

Abortion is on demand and our public education curriculum is influenced by a homosexual and a child molester. Lies corruption and deceit run rampant at Queens Park and the press sits ideally back and by its silence, condones it.

Is it not time to clean this garbage from our places of power?  Why are we the people that worked so hard to make this a better place for our descendants not standing up and rebelling?  It’s probably because we are getting too old, we remember the good old days. The ones that can do it don’t care. Yes the new generation is the “me--me generation” and  for the most part are accustomed to being catered to.

Paul D. Scott.


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