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Presidential Inauguration (Hypocrisy?)

Jan.20 2021

Wow, what a transition in just a few hours. For the past five years, all we have heard from the democrats has been confrontation, threats of treason against Donald Trump constant threats to impeach Trump from the media and the democrats. Biden’s inaugural speech was typical Biden with reference to his mother and father and a message of unity and co-operation. President Trump’s accomplishments over the past four years have been legendary, with just a small amount of Democratic unity and co-operation, think of what could have been accomplished. The inauguration was full of words from the Bible and full of religious connation’s. In the future, Biden has to deal with the Progressive side of his party. These people have a great deal of power now starting with VP Harris. Progressives are not God fearing and directly opposed to most of the laws of our maker. My observations over the past years have been that whatever a democrat espouses in his or her speech, look out, the opposite will be forthcoming from that promise. Their accusations toward their opponents are usually just exactly what they are doing or have done. We must give this man a chance to be the president that most Americans deserve.  He will have a big job as his family are under investigation for many charges. His son Hunter, is a total failure and needs to be thoroughly investigated for collusion with the Chinese and other countries. The new president will have to be strong against his adversaries, the extreme left wing of his party. They have just got started with their social agenda. President Biden is putting forth a large number of bills that will change the former administration’s laws, 15 in total on his first day. This will cause a great deal of animosity within the rank and file of Trump supporters. This is Biden’s call; he has the rite to do this but it is not something that supports his speech of a few hours earlier. Many of these changes will have a very negative effect on the country going forward.

What has happened over the past few months in the United States will have a profound effect on the world’s future. We here in Canada are the closest and best neighbours of this great country. We will be most effected by the decisions of their leaders. Let us all pray for their leadership and the people of North America.  God bless America. 

Paul D. Scott.

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