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Clot-Shot exposed

Aug 26th2022


I guess you gotta call it what it is; This is not my expression of the so-called vaccine, it came from a prominent BC doctor that has been against the Jab for some time. Now we are getting some support from the left as the tide is turning in a strange and satanic way. My wife and I have been resisting getting the jab since it was so blatantly mis-represented on its initial birth. It was so obvious that this cure with a single shot in the arm was not going to cure the world of covid, it was not a medical cure but a political scam that we were not able at the time to figure out, but in time, it became very clear. We were sure that it was connected to money and control and all was revealed that we were bang on. Those of us that have taken a stand for freedom and resisted the clot-shot are being rewarded now with our natural immune system in tact ready to do battle with our God given protection.

Former President Donald Trump has fought a very hard battle against the far left woke Democrats as they have demonized and accused him of many disgraceful deeds and failed twice to defeat him with impeachment. They won’t give up until they have destroyed him and they very well might have him on the ropes with his rushed vaccine. Remember Biden and VP Kamala Harris both downing the Trump vaccine and as soon as the Dems. took control, they turned around to praising Biden for the success of the vaccines and not a word of negativity until now. Now, the truth is starting to come out that there are more deaths from the vax than from the covid or micron or the Sars strains 1--5 combined. Many are anticipating the truth will be overwhelming and are preparing for their plan “B”. Unless Trump comes forward at once and explains the situation as to why he pushed for the fast development of the vax and that he had been tricked into this, remember he was set up, he will have a difficult time in the future in politics. Trump was very positive with his quick recovery we assume it was Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. If the Republican party does not take control of the United States congress and presidency, our western society is doomed. The Great re-set and the New World order with the likes of an unelected leader such as Klaus Schwab {WEF} will be the World’s fate. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

If you are vaccinated and had your boosters and if you have given even a small part of your private health information to the governing authorities and if you do not mind distancing and wearing a mask that shows you are happy to be subservient to a ruling class, then you should be happy for a while longer. However, like all rulers, more is better and so you have allowed yourself to give up some of your freedoms so why not all? 

That is the direction we are headed. It has started, as many are unable to work, many have been muzzled and their free speech which is the foundation of our society, has been censored. Many cannot travel by train or plane in our own country, Canadian citizens returning from abroad have difficulty entering their own country and are harassed and fined for not having illegal documents that supersede our own passports. Many have been treated like criminals and worse for simply disagreeing with a government edict. Many hard-working small business women and men have lost their companies and the worst is the treatment of our children having to mask and be under the terrible threats of a world gone mad. The jab has been instrumental in studies direct from Pfizer showing a mortality rate of fetuses and babies of mothers W/Pfizer mRNA injection was about 80%.  Insurance companies around the world are reporting death rates in many categories much higher than any time on record. If these stats do not make you take notice, you have not been paying enough attention.

 There is much to be said of our world being under a satanic spell and the Globalist masters planning for the world to be reduced in population by two/thirds.  More to come.


Paul D. Scott

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