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May 21st.2023


Being a child of the past and having the ravishes of two world wars and many other smaller wars in my memory, all of which were for the most part to express freedom, I am in a position of taking my freedoms very seriously. For those who are paying attention to world affairs, we are seeing that there are factions of our society that would have every facet of our lives controlled by rules and regulations enforced by control freaks that need to be in control.

In a small way in our society, we see control taken by bullies in the school yard. All too often these bullies end up in politics continuing their pleasures of life managing everybody they can with laws that are difficult if not impossible to enforce. We are a society of rules and regulations that have in many ways stifled free enterprise and initiative. Over the past 70 plus years, I have tried in many of my endeavors, to abide by the rules laid down by government.  However, when the rules became ridiculous or unfair, I would plead guilty of being stupid and would get the job done in my way. When we look at stupid in a larger way, we see what a government can do to it’s people by getting in the way of natural evolvement. China is a case in point.  I have been to Hong Kong many times and Taiwan and the Philippines, China and many other oriental countries to observe that the oriental family is the strength of their society. As many as 4-5 generations all live in one small living space. This is natural but the Chinese government in their wisdom regulated one child per family. As the male child has a better chance of growing into maturity and able to look after the parents, many female babies were killed in hopes a male child would be born. The profile of China has changed in one short generation and China is in trouble as their work force has been diminished to the elderly, its population is getting smaller and the economy has weakened. Now, they are still controlling their people by allowing three children per family. We look at China as being so smart but if we look under the skin, we see weakness that an open society with all its faults still has natural and humane results.

Micro managing has been our downfall here North America. The co-founder of Home Depot, Ken Langone, has said that his company established in 1979 would never have been possible in to-day’s business climate of rules and regulations.We only have to observe our ridiculous obsession for control so we as members of our society can live without any responsibility for our own actions, we will own nothing and everything will be provided for us. We will allow someone else to make decisions for us as we will be reduced to a subhuman state of complete submission to a higher power.The WEF are standing by ready to perform this service to humanity.They are strong in finance and media coverage and political positions worldwide, banks and financial institutions, large corporations and evil descendants of the Third Reich such as Klaus Schwab and Chrystia Freeland. Others that are running things in Canada are PM Justin Trudeau, NDP leader, Jasmeet Singh and a host of members of our parliament that are from all parties. These will be our overlords in the future. We cannot let this evil take control.

In a more personal and closer to home situation proving that the world works the same in large and in small ways, my home for the past 10 years has been in a semi closed community where we as residents have a little more freedom to relax from annoying children and rowdy neighbours, fences and unapproved additions to our property are rejected and the best part is that we have no concerns as to getting my lawn cut in the summer or the snow plowed in the winter time. All in the community pay a fee for these services as well as a community center with a large pool and many other perks. Our monthly calendar is full of the daily activities and until recently it has been, come when you can and you will be welcome.  It has worked out quite well and with the exception of some special events, no sign up prior to the event was required. Now, every event including our weekly coffee get together requires a pre-sign- up registration and I object. We would like to attend many activities but find it difficult when we must commit when we feel good and then can’t attend because of some age-related reason. Or, would like to attend but have failed to sign up. This is a minute situation but it bears out the whole concept of some people just having to have some control over other people’s freedoms.

Just another reflection from the (rantingsandraves) guy.

Paul D. Scott.

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