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It’s Time to say-

“We Told You So”.

Sept. 8th 2023

I take no pleasure in writing this piece and I know it will irritate many who will take the time to read on, so my suggestion would be to go about your life with the false security that you are following all the rules laid down by people and groups that we would think are smarter than ourselves. You will be excused if you think that others in control must know more than the rest of us, so follow their rules no matter how nutty or corrupt they may be. 

The reason I am upset about having to write this piece is because what I and many others have been predicting and being either punished, ignored or censored, is coming true and for those thinking in the short term, are going to be upset that they were not more curious about learning the truth. Some of the predictions going back almost three years that we are witnessing to-day are, - covid 19 is just the beginning of many more variables and more so-called vaccines that will follow.  The jabs will all contribute to more Spike protein in our bodies and our natural immune system will be more and more compromised leaving our bodies more susceptible to various illnesses that our bodies would normally be able to reject. This scenario will lead to many cancers that will be very rapid in their growth and heart damage as well as brain and vital organs breaking down in many normally healthy patients.  Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine initially administered at the beginning of covid 19 with excellent results will be made available again for treatment along with vaccines and boosters. Remember when then Pres. Trump recovered from covid in two days and made reference to a wonder drug, it was not the vaccine.  Masks that are absolutely useless against covid and its variable strains, and recognized by many experts as being harmful especially to children. They will be mandated by many groups but will have a difficult time against a better informed populous. The same push back will also occur regarding mandates of distancing and stupid plastic shields that are useless except to make some feel safe. This is a case of manipulation. Many recognized health associations internationally and from the USA have declared former covid restrictions be lifted but Biden and Trudeau stand almost alone as either being ill informed or just too greedy to give up the financial rewards of continuing covid restrictions. It is hard for small minded people to admit they were wrong. Small business will not be so easily manipulated in closing their businesses and schools should be kept open at all costs. Teachers’ unions should be kept from making these ill-informed decisions of denying children of their education.  Not one healthy child has died due to covid.

Many non-vaxers from around the world have been ill treated by governments, health authorities, employers, educators, relatives and friends. Many are still without jobs or are incarcerated in jails or in the courts for holding to their God given rights of making their own decision when it comes to their bodies and their health. Many are sick and will never recover and millions are dead. This travesty must stop.

Canadians have for years held the reputation of being law abiding citizens and reluctant to go against their elected government and those in authority. We have been duped even more than most and are having a more difficult time adjusting to not having trust in the system that we have so valiantly strived to preserve.  The veil has been drawn back just enough as to make us wonder when the air clears a bit more, will we have the courage to say enough is enough? Will we allow ourselves to be lied to any longer? The louder we speak and demand the truth, the easier it will come. The evil mist that has engulfed the world will be gone and the truth will prevail. 


Good News


Since the beginning of time, man has strived for Globalism. It does sound pretty good. The world would run much smoother if all countries were to co-operate and work as one, using all the talent from all groups for the good of the whole. Bill Gates and many others, billionaires and oligarchs are in favor of this concept, even our own PM Justin Trudeau (Castro) and the highly dysfunctional Joe Biden. The WEF run by the self-appointed Klause Schwab is all in on this one (You will have nothing and you vill be happy.)  God put a stop to Globalism back in Genesis chapter 11, the time of Nimrod and the empire of Babylon. God confused the languages and broke up the ungodly alliances. The English word Babble comes from this Bible story. His laws still hold firm to this day, the worship of Idols and manmade Gods, and not the one and only God is forbidden. However, the good news is, we mere mortals will have the chance to live in a utopia managed by our supreme Lord and Savior where we will live and work in a God managed Globalist environment for 1000 years.  All who believe in God and his son Jesus Christ will be a part of the Millenium on a new earth following the Rapture and the war between God and the evil fallen Angel, the Antichrist.

For all that still resist God’s invitation to be with him for eternity, there is a plan that God will allow the Beast to reign over this world following the Rapture. The world will be under the rule of the Beast and all Hell will be on earth under his rule. This mayhem will last for 42 months during which time all peoples will worship the Beast and all will have the sign (666) or will not be able to buy or sell in this Globalist society.  Christ will return just before Jerusalem is attacked by the armies of the world. They will be defeated by our Lord and Savior. For 1000 years there will be peace on earth under the rule of our loving heavenly father. The wolves will graze with the sheep and cattle will have no fear of the Lion. Jerusalem will be the capitol of the world. Man will live as in the olden days for hundreds of years. Saten will once again try to defeat God and will be finally destroyed and perish in the lake of Fire.

This is not the end but just the beginning of a new world for all those who believe in the one and only God of Love, and his son Jesus Christ.


Paul D. Scott            


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