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New World Coming                         


February 2018.


I can’t imagine a day in my life that I didn’t learn or experience something new. I think that after 80 plus years, I am filled up and ready for a new experience outside this world we know.  Don’t misunderstand me when it sounds as if I am full of knowledge and just have no more room for information. Not true! I think that I would better describe it as being “fed up” and not able to take much more of this crazy baloney that our politicians and so-called learned folk are dishing out. Is it any wonder so many young people are squireling themselves away in their parent basements almost afraid to face the challenges of this new world? Emails are abundant with slurs on every part of our society.  It is becoming more and more difficult to sort out the truth from what were once the source of our day to day news.  Fake news is a reality, believe it or not. The following email was received to-day, meant to be funny but very real and as true as any news you will find, it reads.


DON’T          lie -  Steal - Cheat - Sell Drugs or Murder


                       Your government hates competition


What a horrible picture we paint of leaders that we elect. We citizens of this country are treated as if we had no sense of right or wrong. Government employees and elected officials lie, steal, cheat and in my Canada, we will be selling drugs to our children as young as 12 years old within 6 months.  For many, abortion does not fall into the category of murder but to me and more than 50 percent of our population, it does. As our laws read now, a fetus can be killed even after it is born. That is MURDER in my eyes.  The hypocrisy of it all is when our Prime Minister goes out and preaches to world leaders his demented idea of morals and lectures on how they should run their country based on his beliefs and theories.

Our young men and women come home from wars in foreign lands, wars that many times we find hard to understand why they are there. We lavish large sums of money on their adversaries, - terrorists convicted and guilty of murder and being awarded tens of millions of our hard-earned tax money.  These veterans can barely support a family on their pensions. Many are not able to work because of their wounds.

Our seniors deserve some consideration, our health care puts a great deal of stress on seniors with health issues. It is hard enough dealing with an illness that may be life threatening but made so much worse when we must wait months for care. Seniors outnumber our native population but do not get equal consideration, we would like to get free dental and eye car, free prescriptions, free transportation, no tax on gas or consumer goods, no income tax, no tax on cars or trucks or boats or any thing and a large pay cheque every month. Are we not equal to our native brothers? We sure worked hard enough.

Our children are not getting a break on their education. In Ontario, they are now educated under a plan that was worked out by a Gay or transgendered Premier and her head of education that is a convicted pedophile and child porn distributor.  Benjamin Levin now 66 is on the streets of some Canadian city after being convicted of 7 counts of child exploration and distributing child porn.  Wynne claims Levin had nothing to do with crafting the 2013 education curriculum even though he was the head of the board of education for the province when it was created. If he did not craft it, he sure had his dirty hands all over it.

If the liberals win the upcoming election, Ontarians will be a disgrace to the world. Ms. Wynne should be behind bars with her pal Ben. Levin and former Premier Dalton McGuinty, but, why then are the Clintons not rotting away in a US jail? Ontario’s government has taken us from a HAVE province to one that is being subsidized.  We Ontario citizens are the most indebted in the western world.

Our Federal government is also Liberal and the leader is Justin Trudeau, his only credentials are that he is the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau former prime minister. Trudeau comes with a couple of subjects never completed from college, world travel and an assistant teaching job in drama. He has never held a real job or finished his education. Never had to worry about earning money or follow a budget.  His father and mother were not a good influence on the boy.  Mom was always shocking the public with her outrageous over the line sexual antics.  I had a conversation with a retired RCMP constable who was assigned to be one of Trudeau’s body guards.  He claims that one of the biggest parts of their job was to prevent the media from getting his philandering exposed.

I am a Christian and from a very early age have heard stories that probably in my lifetime, I will see the church forced to go underground.  Evil has taken over many parts of this land and with a prime minister allowing only Pro-choice candidates to run for the Liberal party, and Pro-Life advocates must relinquish their core beliefs to share in government programs, I am seeing the Christian church buying a lot of shovels.

We are taught as Christians that this earth is just a short stopping off place. Our destination as true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, is eternal life with our maker in a place called Heaven where we will not need the encumbrances of a physical body.  Peace and tranquility and perfection will be in place and we will not be troubled by decision makers that are without reason or knowledge.  That’s what I am looking forward to.

Paul D. Scott.



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