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Covid 19 


April 24th 2o21


Some would say, "Paul, you have too much time on your hands." Like just about everyone in my position, retired and under “house arrest” for the past 13 months, I have had a lot of time to try to assess our current situation with this so- called dreaded virus covid19. Curiosity is what I call it, others might say I am just nosy but for whatever reason I like to see what is around the next corner or under that rock. 

When we were about to get our shot in the arm a few weeks ago, I read on the 5-page document that instead of the follow up in twenty-one days, we were to wait for over 3 months, I became rather irritated and after some inquiries for more information, my wife and I decided to wait until more answers were forthcoming.

The more questions I had, the more confused I became. Everything to do with this virus and vaccine was not making any sense. Actual figures presented by government compared to independent research was not adding up. Death rates from covid19 were out of sight but actual monthly deaths were not reflecting these figures. Where does one go for the real story? It was not easy to find others that were uneasy about what I was finding. Having an opinion contrary to the overwhelming support of the public, our government and the media as well as the so called scientific and medical establishment was very unnerving.  Why would you not be whole heartedly in favour of a cure for this dreaded blight on the world.  A vaccine that will end all this horror, no four vaccines, even better.

I was now finding that I was not the only skeptic, hundreds of doctors were standing up against the unsubstantiated research.  Many renowned scientists were writing papers on the folly of taking a vaccine that had not been tested for many areas of concern and no long-term testing had been done as this was brought out in record time. The virus still has not been isolated and therefor it is impossible to make a vaccine that will do the job of eradicating it. As with Trump and many others that take an opposing stand to the establishment, they are being censored and scrubbed.

When I first had these feelings of danger with this situation the world was facing, I called an old friend who is brilliant in many fields, one being science. He supported me wholeheartedly and backed it up with a statement that his team of scientists were all very skeptical about the vaccines and would be waiting to get the shot until it was perfected, if ever.

Another friend in our community was experiencing backlash from his neighbours when word got out that he also had concerns about getting the needle in the arm. His experience with the public was the same as mine, but it’s not just a needle in the arm and it’s over with. What is in that needle?  I am learning that needle could have dire consequences for the rest of your life, or it could even take it. How can people be so cavalier with the one most important thing in the world, their health and well being.

Diane Francis, a reporter for the National Post finally came out with several reports that supported my concerns. Despite the concerns from some members of our family, we are now far more at peace with our decision. Because we are the highest risk group, we keep pretty much to ourselves and we are finding every day more are supporting our concerns that this vaccine at best can only reduce the symptoms. However, it is still a great question that must be addressed, what are the long-term consequences for taking this experimental vaccine?  Some experts have concerns for the world’s reproductive capability, brain, kidney, liver, viral respiratory infections, stillborn and premature births are all unknowns that have been a concern when animals were tested for these problems, became very sick or died. A talking head on CTV trying to convince the audience that we should all bow down to the high priest and take the jab, lied when she reported “why would you not take it when it was tested and approved”. It was not!

It is obvious that I am by no means an expert on this subject. But I have eyes, ears and a brain but most of all an inquisitive mind that wants to be sure that I and my family are protected from this evil world. How many politicians would you trust your life with?

Does Anthony Fouci make any sense at all? His mind is changed depending on how he can benefit from his dialogue. This man has put himself in a position of making the rules, administering the rules, developing a product, in charge of approving the product and making and selling the product. Oh, and getting the funds from government and foundations such as Bill Gates and others for the start up. Pretty cozy and we are asked to trust this guy, who touts- “don’t question me, do as I say”. “Stay indoors, be outside as much as possible - wear masks all the time, -masks are bad for good health, - one mask is probably not enough, wear two or three, - stay away from others at least 6 feet, later, three feet would probably be OK. Inoculate everyone under 60, but not seniors with AstraZeneca, all over 60 must be inoculated with AstraZeneca, people in their teens and up to 30 should avoid AZ.”. These are all statements from Fouci.

It might be OK to extend the second shot for a few months but we don’t know because it hasn’t been tested. Pfizer says “it could be a mistake for many reasons but they could not tell for lack of testing.”

I become rather suspicious when I am told to take a shot in the arm with this monkey piss or cells from an aborted fetus and then told that if I get sick from it or die, the manufacturer has absolved itself from any and all liability. I get a bit tense when a product has not been tested and won’t label its product with its contents and no approvals for it’s use have been given. I get somewhat suspicious when politicians and the corrupt media tell me I must take this for my own good. If all of the above has not convinced me I am wrong, then I start getting more fuel for the fire.

The instigator of all this is, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They have been the financiers for the research that started this whole fiasco. Bill Gates predicted this Pandemic as far back as 2016. Much of his Foundation money has been directed toward a simple goal of reducing the World population and for a few to gain great power at the expense of many millions of lives.  It is called “Eugenics”

Simply put, population control.  Gates has been very vocal in much of his dialogue and even more convincing with his actions, look at his record,  as far back as 1998 when Gates and Microsoft were in some trouble with the US government on anti-trust charges. Then the next we heard was The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was established and the wonderful things they have created with all of their Billions. What went on behind those thick Washington walls? Anti trust disappeared.

We go back a generation or two in the Bill Gates story.  His father was a leader in Planned Parenthood. Mother was well connected at IBM and got son Bill a job there. Parents and grandparents were connected to the Rockefellers who supported Hitler in his quest to annihilate the Jews and any other inferior group that was not considered worthy to exist on this planet. Good bedfellow to start with. Monsanto, a project that went wrong with billions of law suits against them. Seed manipulation, Gates has been trying to control all seeds. Degenerative agriculture. Africa has been devastated by the Gates influence of Digital Agriculture. Will he be in control of everything?  He is accumulating thousands of acres of land. Fake food is also in his sights, no more cows. It is time to return to the past when large monopolies were broken up to save the small business man. Social media needs to be broken up along with multi billionaires that would seem to want the ultimate and be leaders of the world.        

Paul D. Scott

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