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The BIG Bribe

Aug 10th 2021.


Today, my wife and I received a bribe in the mail that for my part was totally uncalled for and a blatant insult to my integrity and intelligence. When a large amount of money comes into your house by mail, the first thought that comes to mind is, what did I do to deserve this. I never buy lottery tickets, I recall only once doing so and told God that this would be the first and only time, I would get coerced, so if I am meant to be a winner, it had better be now, I am still waiting for the money. However, this was in a Government of Canada envelope, and you want to take that mail seriously. Two cheques for $500.00 each.  For many of my neighbours who are government retirees, I guess this is just another Ho-Hum pay cheque but for me, usually the money is always going in the other direction.  Joan informed me that all seniors were entitled to this gift, yes even my millionaire neighbours and friends. It became quite obvious that Mr. dressup was in preparation for a total take over of our country and one of his first projects was to get the seniors on his side. Another hint was, where is that scruffy beard? I suppose Gerald Butts or his sidekick whatshername told him that he should start looking more regal. Kings do have a certain decorum to live up to. Yes, as if we need another election except this may give the boy wonder a boost in his ego or perhaps the people that keep feeding him gobs of money could rebel and say enough is enough. I for one am looking to see the latter.

Paul D. Scott   

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