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The Strange World of Politics

“Tea Party is Poilievre’s Inspiration”


Our local newspaper is not much of a rounded news source, it rarely has more than two pages of worthwhile reading if you can consider the rants of the mother news source, The Toronto Star. Often, to fill the pages we get an opinion article from Bob Hepburn, a Star employee that looks normal enough but sometimes gets carried away with his take on politics. I call these folks, left-wing whacko. His recent rant on Pierre Poilievre and the USA tea party is a real joke that when analyzed has made Bob look like a Boob. He says Poilievre sets the Tea Party up as a model. The Canadian National Liberal party is hoping that if they can associate the Conservatives to the U.S. Tea party and Trump, Canadians will be put off, and return to the Social Party presently known as the Liberals. I have to hand it to them, most Canadians are not very infatuated with Donald Trump and just mentioning his name infuriates many.

 The article in question goes something like this.

Poilievre gets his inspiration from the Tea party of 15 years ago. This party was dismissed as a collection of (oddball Cranks). These cranks demanded – lower taxes and lower government spending. They lashed out at Elites in Government, banking, industry and even the media. They fought against government mandates for masks and lockdowns and mandates for government employees to be vaccinated with an unknown and unproven injection through covid 19.  All have been proven without a doubt to have been detrimental to our citizenry.

Poilievre would like to see the unelected and so-called “gate keepers” as well as the CBC which is the government political advertising arm, that we the tax payers support with 1.2 billion Canadian dollars every year, investigated. Is there anything wrong with wanting Canada in a more celebrated place in World affairs again?

No, this Canada we love has had poor representation for the past eight years.

It would seem that Bob Hepburn has shot himself in the foot to think that Canadians want higher taxes and less control over their destiny, that we are happy with a Prime Minister that would seem to be going down the same perilous road as Joe Biden with the destruction of all that is essential to our wellbeing and comfort. An embarrassment as a leader of our country.

We must begin to realize that we are not voting for the old established Liberal party but a socialized group who would have us think that every aspect of our lives should be controlled by the state.  That is what so many New Canadians will tell you, they left their countries to escape Socialism which eventually will materialize into communism.

Beware what you vote for!


Paul D. Scott.                

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