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March 18th/22

If part of your news information is derived from watching Fox news, you will have seen Candace Owens interviewed on many of the award-winning shows. Her intelligent and insightful observation of world and U.S news is refreshing and mind stimulating. Her recent interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the developer of the mRNA vaccines was one of the best I have seen. Candace was able to draw out a great deal more information that I had not known from previous interviews with Malone.  I was never totally convinced that the sole reason for the world‘s obsession with covid19 was due to an evil spell put on a large percentage of our population and putting many under a hypnotic like trance. As this is certainly what appears to be taking place, there must be more to the story. 

Malone was asked a question that I have also had and that was, why has the Jewish State of Israel become so connected to the Pfizer company and the vaccine mandates? The answer opened many doors to the overwhelming obsession of governments, politicians, the media and the medical industry World-wide for the lock step obedience to a certain protocol of one treatment for all, get the vaccine!  Malone explained that Pfizer, the most corrupt company in the world, has perfected legal documents in the form of contracts that when signed take governments into a legal position and strangles them from most powers that do not enhance the authority of the pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and other smaller companies have adopted the same strategy and so no one is able to go against big pharmacy without severe consequences.  Scoff, if you must, but think about it. If you go back to the beginning of this covid fiasco, fear was the operative word. We were told that this could be the end of civilization as we know it and much of the population could die if we don’t get a vaccine, and soon. World-wide. Governments were in a panic to do something and our leaders were only too anxious for a simple answer.  Pfizer came along with a vaccine that was 98% effective proven to eradicate this plague. (Lies) The payments by governments around the world to the pharmaceutical companies of $90 billion to research a vaccine was finally paying off.  If you want it for your people, sign on the dotted line. Briefly, the manufacturer and the governments cannot sue or be sued, nor can the public sue for any reason. Adverse statements against the vaccines or the makers are strictly forbidden.  The contract they have signed disallows the governments to inspect for content of the injection fluid.   Censorship is now an everyday experience.  This is a very simple explanation to what is a very complex subject but it does tell a very sobering story as to where we are in the world to-day. It makes sense when you analyze our situation that a one world government might just be the answer to clean up the mess we find ourselves in. The pharmaceutical companies are now in partnership with governments as their drug dealers, with the mainstream and virtual media as co-sponsors.  Here is where Klaus Schwab and his gang of thieves make their appearance with Trudeau and Freeland representing Canada and many around the world clamoring for membership in the WEF.  Beware!

Back to the Candace - Malone interview. Our host has just had her first child and has had a first - hand experience dealing with many young women that have reported horrible health issues with their menstrual periods. The so-called vaccine could have a negative reaction to her pregnancy. Three of her school friends have contacted her complaining that their menstrual cycle following their vax shots are totally out of control. Further enquiries showed a large number of post menstrual woman were having their cycle re-started and reports were being flagged for a large increase in miscarriages. Dr. Malone explained that menstruation is controlled by the ovaries and the lipids from the injection goes directly to the ovaries. This is a red flag for future cancer problems and is a great concern to those who are taking notice and not just taking the words of criminals that the jabs are safe. 

The consensus during this 90-minute discussion was that covid and its repercussions will be with us for a long time.  Rational responses must be taken quickly for new outbreaks, keeping in mind that the elderly are the most at risk. Studies have proven that masks, social distancing, inoculation and lockdowns do not work and other methods such as immediate response with time tested meds will save lives. It is feared that other illnesses are going to manifest mostly in inoculated people as their natural immune systems have been compromised.  More internal organ problems, cancer, blood clotting and heart will all probably increase. Everyone, not just the vaxed but the unvaxed will be under great stress with more deaths than normal. There is a concern that those unvaccinated will be blamed for this terrible time. More and more pressure will be put on everyone to get the boosters. Pfizer have already admitted that the present jab is only good for 3 months and that it does not prevent contagion and the booster has little or no effect on the new variance. We are warned of increased mental problems, propaganda and mass psychosis running ramped and that we must have a change of attitude toward all even those who are of a different persuasion.  Love and open-hearted concerns for all will be needed.  

When we see expensive advertising on the TV and in the newspapers almost demanding we take our shots, paid for by you and I and sponsored by our government, you will be seeing proof that governments are being rewarded by big pharma and receiving a portion of their $90 billion back as a commission for their compliance. This activity is illegal according to the laws of this great land.

New reports from the UK show figures not published before of covid19 deaths in England and Wales.

 Deaths reported totaled   137,133  covid and other health issues. 

  * Reported deaths covid 19 only   17,320

 UK average age of deaths, 82.5 years old.

To be honest, these are figures from a very small study and on a small segment of the world overall,  but, if it is representative of the whole situation, these figures show that covid19 has been grossly overblown as a world health problem.  The world has come to the conclusion that the United States can no longer be trusted for accuracy in the reports from the CDC and the FDA., so, we must take note of these finding from the UK and others.

Paul D. Scott.

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