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Getting Old

Nov.29th 2023

For many of us, getting old is all in the mind. How do you feel? If you are in good health and feeling well, you can be in your 90’s and not feel old. There are few in that category but I know and have met many over the years that are able to cope with a daily routine and do quite well in their 90’s. With the advancements in medicine this would be a natural conclusion. However, 2022 saw a recession in the average age of a Canadian, and forecasts are showing that our grandchildren will not enjoy the longevity we have achieved. Could this be the result of government mis-managing the covid19 debacle? The average age is just over 80 so Joan and I are both well beyond the national average. Most of my relatives, aunts and uncles lived well into their 80’s and 90’s with two aunts beyond 100 and my great grandmother died at 106. They call it good genes. I have come very close to death on a few occasions but have avoided it with some good luck, good management and good doctors.  We have had more than our share of health problems with heart and cancer, car crashes and more, hopefully that is all behind us. We now grieve for friends and relatives that are experiencing what we know a little bit about. For those who have lived a life of few health problems, it is not as hard to witness others in pain and distress. Many in our circle have lived quite bland and healthy lives with few visits to the doctor’s office or the hospital. They know little about real stress and the fear of death or extended poor health.  For those that have been down that road, we feel your pain and at our age we can only offer our prayers.

Many are possessed with getting old to the point of making it a part of most of their conversation. My wife’s brother-in-law was a perfect example. His father died at 50.  This made a big impact on Doug. It brought age into almost all his conversations. The age of his subject was always the first detail. Doug. died at the age of 50.  Since Tucker Carson left Fox, his conversations include how old he is, 53 is not old but for Calson, this is key in his life at this time.

 At 87, I am not sure how I got here so fast. My life has been a whirlwind of activity since I left school at the age of 16. I thank God for giving me a memory that can allow me to remember most of my interesting past. Photographs are helpful but I fear that just selfies will not accomplish the same results in the future for today’s generation.

It is well understood that covid and its variants are not just a medical concern but a devious way of controlling the populous. It is working quite well as most of us have tailored our lives to have the least amount of contact with others especially in inside venues. The flu did not have the same control over our actions but unfortunately, we humans have had the fear implanted into our physique by covid.  We have fallen whether by design or fear to change our life style to suit the evil in our midst. I fear our lives will never be the same and generations to follow will not be able to experience all the pleasure of this world that we took for granted.

Most do not seem to understand us when we confide with others that we are ready to move on. Life has passed us by and the world has changed and is changing so as to seem unfriendly toward we older people. We have experienced a better gentler place. Faith in a loving God with love of family and the respect for others who have different opinions.

All things pass in time.  This world and its inhabitants will have to experience much conflict and terrible grief before peace and love returns.

 That peace and love will be the return of Jesus Christ and his followers. 


Paul D. Scott                      

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