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Faith and Friends

March 10th. 2023

Humanity is wired to want to live a long and productive life and we as members of the human race fear death as something that should be avoided at all cost. We are just created to have that desire. Many Christians look at this scenario as being true but with some reservations. In past writings and in conversation I have said that there are many worse happenings to mankind than death. This comment has been received many ways from surprise to contempt.


However, I am saddened at the news of the loss of a dear friend, not for my friend leaving this place on earth but my loss of someone that through our humanity we all have, has left us to continue the trials of just being left behind. None of us really know what happens at death. Many who have a better knowledge of the Bible will give you their interpretation but God only knows, and is not ready to reveal to we fragile humans the truth as to where do we go following death. If you believe that we are all endowed with a soul, and the soul lives on after our time here on earth, we are still unaware as to what and where our soul goes when it must leave the body.

We as members of the human race look at time as in units of seconds, minutes, hours and years and so on. If you have been under an anesetic, even for a few hours, when you gain consciousness, you feel as if only seconds had passed. When we go into the existence after physical death, we will be leaving the world that we know as physical into a timeless and non-physical realm.  This awakening will take place {according to many Biblical scholars} at the time called “The Rapture”.  Joy and Pleasure for all who have died and are waiting for this moment of revival are taken with all who are in Christ Jesus from their earthly home into the clouds together to be with their Heavenly Father in Heaven. Those who have been chosen to spend eternity will hopefully, avoid the world events to follow.


My writing today has been inspired by recent incidences that have drawn my attention to how we should act toward our fellow man and just how fragile life is.  Here today and gone tomorrow. I do not want to leave this world wishing I had said something or done something that could have impacted another ‘s life.  A very dear friend has just passed, Brian was a new friend but I took to him as soon as I met him. My life will be a little less meaningful now that he is gone. I can only pray for his soul and for peace and solace for his family. Brian was sick with many ailments that we all have at our age but Brian had one other very serious health problem - Cancer. We take comfort to know he is in a better place where the pain of a worn out body has been taken away.

Covid and its side effects have taken it’s toll on almost everyone. It has ravished many families of their loved ones and bankrupted others. Many will never shed the effects of the disease or the so-called cures. Many millionaires have become billionaires but the ordinary guy has not fared as well. Friends and families have been torn apart, my wife and I have not avoided this scenario.  I lost my brother due to the use of the so-called vaccine and many friends avoided us because our take on the situation did not coincide with the narrative from government and the media.  I have reached out to my friends and only time will tell if the fear and hurt have subsided so as to re-connect our friendships. Fear has been the most lethal weapon used to subdue the populous to a reset of our society.  Will we get back to a normal life?  I have been taken back by the response to that question, one of my very closest friends answered, not until God decides to take over. My friend is struggling with feelings of being an Agnostic. I know he is not.

Covid and our advanced years has kept us from being very active and so we have spent many happy times together looking at old photo albums. One thing that has stood out in our minds is that more friends in our picture album are dead than those that are living. We are also reminded of the good old days when we had our health and strength to take on all the challenges the world had presented us. As Paul Anka wrote in his song, My Way, for Frank Sinatra, this line sums it up for me,” Regrets, I’ve had a few, but too few to mention” This piece of music says it all when describing my life. It’s been a {Great Ride}

Paul D. Scott.         

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