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And now -there are Two

June 29th 2023


Canada and the USA have a lot in common. When the Americans sneeze, Canada gets a cold or worse. Much of this phenomenon is due to the press on both sides of the border. They are cut from the same clothe and are almost all left-wing Progressives and Woke to the core. If one had to name just one thing that has kept Canada from, and the United States, to lose, - (most of its influence in the World,) - it would be the media. There are many other contributing factors that come into play such as corrupt and stupid politicians, a generally uninterested public and a change from our inherent morals to a Godless woke society. However, with a media that condones all of these weaknesses and promotes them, we as two nations are in a perilous place.

  My last 30+ years afforded me the luxury of spending half the year in Canada and half in the USA and travel to many countries around the world. I do not have a formal education but travel and interaction with the outside world has made up for that.  Jordon Peterson has recently returned from a speaking tour in Europe. His most often asked question from the Europeans was, “what are you thinking of in your countries?”  You are repeating the stupid actions we made that led to the second world war. Man has a tendency to repeat his mistakes and historically keeps on implementing the same treatment for the same problem even when the remedy has never worked. This has been born out recently with covid. Masks do not work, nor does distancing or lockdowns, and assuredly we are told by the world’s most respected health institution, “The Cleveland Clinic” the vaccine taken for covid again contributes to more covid and other diseases. While the vaccine has a short period that protects from the virus, the long term affects show that the more vax. you take, the more compromised your natural immune system will become. This, of course leads to many people getting sick and dying from diseases our bodies would normally be able to protect us from. The rise in deaths is not always from covid but unrelated diseases with which our body would normally have no problem dealing.  Cancers, TB, liver, heart, brain and lung problems are all increasing the death count.  

Our two elected puppets in Washington and Ottawa are causing our peoples to be subjected to unusual hardships that with intelligent leadership, we could be leading the world in almost all aspects of finance, GNP, healthcare, industry, military strength and low-cost energy.  No one in his right mind would hire these two clowns unless the intent was to go bankrupt. We Americans and Canadians are headed in that direction very quickly.  It is obvious this is the intent when you understand both leaders are members of the WEF and if you take the time to check this doom and gloom organization run by a Nazi sympathizer Klaus Schwab who has not been elected to any position but has every intention of running the world, you will understand why we are in the place we are. Our countries are virtually closed for business in the sale of our most plentiful and profitable commodities, fossil fuels. oil and natural gas, coal and lithium necessary to produce batteries.  Trudeau and Biden have virtually closed building new pipelines, the cheapest and safest way of getting our products to the coast for export. Trudeau has turned away both Germany and Japan that came here begging to buy our gas and oil and lithium. We are closed for business, but wait, would you be interested in some green, perhaps some sunshine or wind?  We have lots of hot air when it comes to preaching our moral conduct.  Both Trudeau and Biden are morally corrupt and should be thrown out at our next elections. Sadly, this may not happen, so we must begin now to educate the public of how important it is for our two countries to stand together as one force against this immoral group of woke separators that would have our way of life changed to a life of servitude to evil dictators. 

God save the world.


Paul D. Scott       

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