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OOOHH  --  Monkeypox  -  Scary!

July 18th/22


If you are one of the millions that are taking vaccines for everything from toe fungus to hip replacements, I have the last word on the latest so-called vaccine release. The WHO and the NIH have the next one out ready for all who love to gamble with their lives and their good health and virility.  Monkeypox vaccine! - Studies have shown this to be similar to a form of Smallpox. I think the resemblance is the POX part. However, Monkeypox is not transmitted except through men who have it and are having sex with other men. You will know you have it because it is quite obvious by the puss boils on your body. As contact is essential to get this one, you still may want to mask up and social distancing will be essential. The masks for those who have it will be a sinister way of sneaking up on the unexpected.

The following is the latest report from the WHO and NIH and CDC dated July 4th. 2022 regarding Monkeypox

World cases   6027

Deaths  (Africa)  3

Americas  cases 902   deaths 0

No cases reported except through men having sex w/men. No transmission reported beyond this.

The vaccine recommended has never been tested on Humans.  


As we are learning every day as more and more truth is getting passed the censors, Covid was certainly a threat to humanity and when it was first introduced in the early 90’s and failed to catch fire, the instigators such as Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baird, Peter Daszak, Bill Gates and many more were ready in 2019 to put this diabolical scheme in place again.  We are learning now that covid was just the instrument to introduce the world to vaccines for all, yes, a tremendous source of wealth for many, but for those with all the wealth they could possibly want, it will give them world dominance and ultimate control over mankind. 

I am sure that this explanation of these strange times we are living in is foreign to many and people like me are out of our minds and just spouting off schemes and stories that are foreign to the senses of many.  It is NOT hard to justify my thoughts when after hundreds of hours of research delving into many places I never thought about during times of relative stability in the past, I have come to refer back to the place where all questions are answered and all mankind should look to for all their problems.  The place I find to be my refuse is the BIBLE.

 In my quest for the truth about our times, every person who has had the same questions as myself about the Sars injections and how many of our time- honored truths and laws made to protect the lowest of us from evil have been circumvented or totally ignored.  Why? It seems to always come back to power, control and the love of wealth.  Humanity’s health has not been the priority for the decisions made by authorities of health, media, politics and big business. The intent to gain power over the ordinary citizens of the world has been the obvious goal.  Rational thinkers are seeing it. How is it most of the world are following like sheep, the evil doers of our society? In the End Times, Satan will be given free reign by God over the world and most of its people. God’s word has proclaimed this as a lead up to his End Times prophesy. Why is it so many people, even devout Christians refuse to see the signs?  Evil is devouring our souls and the only power that can overcome this evil is our Lord God Jesus Christ. We need to recognize this and be one with God to resist these demonic powers.

Paul D. Scott   @

READ -  John 3/16   For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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