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Again, this is not my World. 


July 2020

Four years ago, I wrote this same subject thinking at the time, just how much worse can it get?  I knew that it would get a lot worse, I have been warning my grandchildren for many years of the time when God has had enough of our sinful ways and starts what the bible calls, “The Last Days”. Four months ago, I wrote, “Is this the beginning of the end?" We have just recently come out of our caves from the Covid19 virus, like hibernating bears to see a world that has changed for the worse even in such a short time. I can answer my question with a qualified “YES”. No one can foresee what God’s plan is but all indications point to more problems for our human race. This is prophesied in the Bible and I would not want to disregard God’s teachings. You may ask, "what do you know about these things?"  You might want to be aware that you get a whole new look at your life and your future when you are told you have at best only six months to live. 

That was 18 months ago and I am now cancer free and feeling better than I have for many years. Over the past two years I have taken a closer look at the words of the Bible and have sharpened my interest in the prophesies. Some Bible scholars claim that descendants of the Anglo race such as Great Britain, USA and even Canada will be blessed and any country that rules the seas and important sea ports and, most importantly, follows the will of God, will thrive. This prophesy has been born out by Great Britain, a God-fearing country that for over two hundred years ruled the waves and it was said the sun never set on her. The Great war ending in 1918 saw another God- fearing country take over the strength and responsibility of world dominance. 

The USA was now a power with great recourses and moral character. However, the USA has had recent governments that have made many ungodly decisions and left-wing Progressives have taken over the once moral political party of the democrats. In less than four months the World could be changed if the Democratic party now under the control of a few radicals, is elected.  China’s undeclared war has been a success killing over 600,000 worldwide and devastating almost all western economies. China has been building her Navy and taken over the South China sea illegally and could if they were so inclined close the Panama Canal which they control. President Trump is determined to take the US out of many delicate regions of the world and if he does what moral force would take over to stabilize these areas? Don’t count on the UN.

We are now experiencing in Canada the beginnings of what could be a serious problem if our authorities do not take quick and stern action. The bony tentacles of George Soros and his band of thugs under the guise of many fake foundations such as the Tide Foundation and now he has taken over the Black Lives Matter banner for his own devious plan of world dominance. Do not be fooled, this man is the most dangerous man in North America and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. His billions were made off the backs of many thousands of Jews prior to the second world war. He, as a boy of 5 or 6 years old accompanied his father while he went about his duties for Hitler of turning in his own people for profit. Soros changed his name and made his son proud of him, and so little George became a multi Billionaire at the expense of many dead Jews. He is proud of his wealth and its genesis, what a creep!

Greed and control have taken over this world. Our once steadfast moral guide based on the 10 Commandments is now in jeopardy.  What do the Progressives think will replace it?

Paul D. Scott  



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