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Auto Industry Deceit

Jan 31st. 2024

For a number of weeks now, I have been investigating, for personal reasons the value of having airbags in my vehicles. Finally, yesterday it has been revealed that Toyota once again are sending warnings out to their customers that they could be harmed or even killed by what was up until now, thought to be a lifesaving addition to their cars and trucks. {AIRBAGS} This is not a new problem but one that goes back to the mid-2000. Over 7,300 Canadians are driving cars with faulty {Takata} airbags that if deployed, the occupants could be injured or killed. The inflators were blamed for 16 deaths world wide and Toyota had a recall of 1.2 million vehicles in Canada. In 2017, Takata pled guilty to fraud and paid one billion dollars in fines for hiding evidence that their airbag inflators can explode. The 7,300 Canadians that have been given instruction not to drive their cars until replacement part are installed are lucky. They would seem to have a choice of getting the airbag replaced, but not so for hundreds of thousands driving GM products as well as all the other car manufacturers that have not made the world aware of a potential catastrophe.

 GM has had a recall for over 7 months and will do nothing but say to the customer, "drive your car or truck and hope it won’t explode in your face and kill you." Wait for a letter when the parts are available. My investigations have revealed that in the past, you could be driving a potential bomb and not told until the manufacturer was prepared to do the repairs.

"What you don’ know won’t hurt you”

 Now, the dealer can’t sell you a vehicle if it is on a recall list and must store his inventory until the problem is solved. However, if you purchased  before the recall date you are permitted to drive the faulty thing, safe or not.  You take your chances with nothing but sympathy for your plight from the GM representative. No moving up the line of command to a real decision maker.

Is GM legitimately waiting for the replacement parts from their supplier ARC automotive in Tennessee?  I smell another billion$ settlement but what about the little guy in the middle that if knowledgeable at all about this travesty, will not drive at all or with fear of his car exploding in his face.  

There are solutions but GM are not revealing nor implementing them to the public for fear of liability.

1   Park the vehicle and wait for your letter and be safe.

2  Drive and hope you are not one of the unlucky ones.

3  Get a qualified mechanic to take the device out.

4  Get a qualified professional to remove the airbag fuse.

I find it hard to understand why the press are not going after this story. In Canada there is a reason, we are presently governed by a Woke government that has bribed the press with hundreds of millions to not embarrass them. Freedom of speech is another problem here.   

Comments by Paul D. Scott

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